11 November 2015

Looking Back

Do you ever look back through old emails? The other day I was looking for something else (which I did find eventually!) when I came across the first few email exchanges between Nan and me in June 2009. It was just after I had joined Philofaxy. The emails were mainly about my first couple of posts.

I smile now but at the time I was terrified that anything I wrote was not going to be up to 'the standard' but Nan didn't seem concerned, she basically told me to 'get on with it'.... so I did!

May be if she had known about my failures in English Language at school she might have had second thoughts! I eventually did pass my English Language O level, but then I was in a job for about 10 years until 1985 that didn't require me to write anything other than fault dockets, not very conducive to writing sentences and paragraphs. Add to this I occasionally suffer word blindness or I spell the first few letters of a word wrong and any spell checker doesn't stand much of a chance really.

That said I do find writing a bit easier now, although I would guess I am by no means 100% perfect. I get caught out typing things with French spellings sometimes and then wondering why the English spell checker has put a red line under it!

Also in the last few weeks in the run up to our 10th anniversary I have been looking back at previous posts looking for favourites of my own. As you might have guessed I love writing the detailed semi-technical posts about rings and ring spacing that sort of thing. But they can be a little bit dull I suppose. The fun ones though always stick in my mind the most though.

So I would like to pick out a one of my favourites.

One of the funniest posts I've enjoyed writing and the reaction from it was about the news of the Filofax 2012 range. I had drafted out the text as I wanted it to appear and I passed it to Alison to put her authors touch to it. She got to the end of where I had got to and then asked me 'So what are you going to say next?'

Then the punch line came in to my head with the sting in the tail of not saying any more!! She said that it was cruel to finish on such a high note, but funny!

So I published the post, I didn't quite expect the reaction it got. But you caught me by surprise because originally I had intended to publish the next part the following day... it wasn't even written!! So whilst the comments came flooding in I had to quickly start writing the next part with the actual details before the lynch mobs descended on our house!

Fun times!

What posts have been your favourites of the last ten years? And they don't have to be ones written by me....


  1. My favourite post ever was way back in 2006 entitled "A Rock, a Hard Place and Some Complaints About Each".

    This was by the celebrated Philofaxer, but it wasn't so much the post itself, rather the ensuing discussion around Filofax's heritage. The comments from Kevin Hall and SP in particular really struck a chord with me.

    1. BTW the Chronology document mentioned in that post is available in Philofaxy's "Files" tab above.

    2. The post you mentioned solved a mystery for me! The actual address of Chisholms in Kingsway. I used to visit there in the late 1980's on my way or on the way back from visiting the office of CAA in Kingsway. I most probably bought a lot of inserts from there.

      I can also remember the City Organiser shop that was in Canary Wharf.

  2. I haven't read through all the archives (I only discovered Philofaxy last year), but up until now my favorite-keep-coming-back-to-it post is "The filofax that started it all" (http://philofaxy.blogspot.nl/2014/05/guest-post-filofax-that-started-it-all.html) about George Redgrave's notebook.

  3. I have to go back and catch up on these old posts, but I really enjoyed that two parter about the 2012 Filofaxes. What a clever way to intro it - like a mystery novel!

  4. OH this is a good one as I IMMEDIATELY thought of these two...


    "Where Did I Read This?" Posted by Laurie in October of 2009 and when I read I found the post
    Laurie was referring to:


    "Free For All Friday #18" Posted by Nan in 2008 (A real classic for any newbie to this community)!!

    This does clear one important "Phylofaxy" item. I thought I discovered Philofaxy in the Spring of 2008 but it was actually early in 2009. My photo from Laurie's blog is from the summer of 2009 when I visited London and the pic is from The London Eye! It was in London that I visited the Filofax retail store and told the shop lady about our community and where I eyed an A5 Mustard Finchley that my boyfriend gave me the following Christmas!!

    Ahhh Such Philofaxy memories ;-) ..........


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