26 December 2016

Post Christmas Blues

So today we start that post Christmas pre New Year week, it is a sort of lull in the consumer society battle!

Some people will be trawling the interwebs looking for the great deals in the sales (or may be that's just a UK thing? ) Or recovering from over-eating/drinking yesterday! But today starts the last week of the year.

This is the week I start my annual tidy up of my planner, get my new inserts for 2017 fully marked up with key dates to remember. I will also do a sort of an annual tidy up of my address pages as well.

I will also be managing my passwords this year going through them and updating them if they are more than 6 months old. So many of them these days too.

What will you be doing this week?  Nothing to do, you could always listen to one of our podcasts or consider appearing on Philofaxy with one of our reader posts or may be write a guest post for us.

Have a good week.


  1. How do you manage your passwords Steve? Difficult when they are written down and one needs to use a code of some form, but you always seem to have a well thought solution to most things!

    1. I used to write them on a sheets I created which had Site, User name, Password. And I stored these in the A-Z section of my organiser. The password just contained a clue as to what it was.

      That worked fine except I was reusing passwords and you shouldn't do that. So I'm in the process of changing them.

      The number of logins I have is about 170 !! So I now use 1Password on my Mac and iOS devices to remember them for me. 1Password also has a complex password generator built in to it as well. So there is no way I can really record these on paper without risking them.

      The app also indicates when passwords need to be changed or that there are duplicates.

      One day we will have something better than a password for all of these things

  2. I generally use this time to sort out my goals to projects to next actions - reviewing/editing/deleting things no longer relevant - as this is the core of my system and can always do with a bit of time spent on it! I also make sure that my system is ready to go - that I have my diary ready and so on. I also put things like birthdays etc onto the new wall calendar (so hubby and I both know what's going on).
    I find that the week between Christmas and New Year is a perfect time for reflection and planning: looking back over the plans I drew up this time last year and thinking about why things did or didn't get achieved.

  3. I make a big purge. I bring bottles to the bottle bank, clothes to the cloth bank, I give away unwanted Christmas gifts, either to people I know would enjoy them or to a thrift store, I sort through all of my papers and shredder what I don't need to keep, I deep-clean the bathroom... - and while doing that I am listening to podcasts and audiobooks. The same I do for work - just tying up loose ends, getting realistic about things I am never going to do and either delegate them or take them off the lists alltogether. Basically I prepare for the new year to be a fresh start as much as possible.