27 December 2016

Free For All Tuesday No. 308


  1. A strap line at the top of this page refers to "the love of paper planning".
    And in his thirty years ago post the other day Steve refers to his previous usage of Filofax thus:
    " I really wasn't using it as a planner at all, more a journal. I hadn't learnt how to use it correctly!"

    So, my question is whether planning really is the main focus of Filofax usage?

    Personally I use mine more for record keeping than planning, but perhaps I'm out of sync!

    1. I think it depends upon the user. I have used my Filofaxes as planners, but also as journals and now I use a ringed one (I have made this myself. I use rings from a personal sized planner but use 12 x 18 cm paper in it. Personal is just too narrow to my tastes) as a Commonplace Book. It makes sense in all ways, since I can toss pages about at will and I can add to sections at any given time. I think the whole beauty of a ring bound planner is its very custom-ability (such monstrous wording, my apologies...) and as such, I think it can indeed stretch as far as one´s imagination can take its limits.

    2. It can do anything and everything within the limits of the paper size in use or folded paper size if you need wider.

      That is the whole advantage of a ring bound planner for me. You can customise it with just the pages you need at the time and change the contents as time moves on.

      This sort of flexibility isn't really available on a bound system as far as I am aware.

      A ring bound system can also be neither a planner or a journal, but just a convenient size and format for storing pages.

  2. Is there another brand of hole punch that will fit an A5? I have the Filofax brand one and I hate using it. It jams up all the time. I can never punch more than 2 sheets at a time. I've had to remove the catch tray for all the little punch outs because of the jamming.

    1. Hi Cori
      Scroll down the Philofaxy page and in the side bar there are some Amazon adverts the bottom one for Amazon USA is an A5 punch that also does Personal, Pocket and A6 and it does A5 in a single operation. It's priced at $19.95
      I have one like it and it is very good.


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