19 December 2016

A5 Enhanced Time Manager Version 3

You will be very familiar with the original version of this insert. It has been my first choice for the last 5 years. Having created it in Personal and A6 variants and recently producing new versions of the layout I thought why not do a new version of the A5 version as well.

This is the original version for A5 size which is still available to download on our Diary Inserts Page.

You can download finished versions for this year from our diary inserts page

A5 Enhanced Time Management Week View. 

You can also customise this version yourself if you wish using the source files.

Download source files: Word file and Excel file Version 2.0 you will need both

This is my updated version.

A5 Enhanced Time Management Week View version 3.

This third variation adds in some more appointment slots. The right hand page remains as the previous version.

You can download finished versions for this year from our diary inserts page.

If using the PDF files be sure to set it to print at full size as explained here for A5 size paper. This is the four line version as shown above.

Or you might like the 5 line version for 2017. Word documents or PDF

But if you want to use this layout as a starting point for your own personalised creation, then you'll need to download the base Word file and the Excel data source.

Download source files: Word and Excel files (you'll need both) (Four Line)
Download source files: Word and Excel files (you'll need both) (Five Line)

When you've made all the changes you like to the template, you can perform a mail merge to create your own insert for any period you like. Check out our Free Diary Inserts link if you want more information on how to do this, including videos.

Once again a big thank you to Ray at 'My Life All In One Place' for his hard work and co-operation with helping to create and support us with all these inserts.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! However, the date source file seems to have been linked to a 2018 version of the calendar. And try as I might I can't seem to find one for 2017!

    1. The Excel file is common to all years, just change the date in Cell A2 to the start date you want and it will work from there on.

    2. Ah, of course! Thank you!

  2. Hi hope you can help. I can mailmerge the two source files to a new mega length document but hit a problem trying to print the newly created file. On screen it looks ok but when i print it I get a blank page four which obviously throws everything beyond that out of sync. When i examine it on screen it appears that page four doesn't exist as the page numbering jumps from three to five. There must be a simple cure for this but I can't fathom it.