30 December 2016

Free For All Friday No 424 by Laurie

It's the last Free For All Friday of the year! I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers, new and long-term. We really appreciate your support, interest, enthusiasm, conversations, and input. We have a wonderful online community here on Philofaxy, and we appreciate everyone who is a part of it!

I also want to thank Steve, Nan and Anita for their dedication to Philofaxy, and especially to Steve for keeping the posts coming day after day, adminning the Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other Philofaxy online locations. I have really enjoyed this experience with all of you and I look forward to much more Philofaxy fun in 2017!

Here's an end of the year question for you: What has been the most useful tip you learned here on Philofaxy?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask/ discuss anything ring-binder related!

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all the best in 2017!


  1. Hi Laurie, Happy New Year!
    For 2016' not so much of a tip but to say the podcasts are excellent! I really enjoy them!
    Best tip overall from Philofaxy is one I took from you years ago! I don't permanently mark my blank tabs but I put post-its on them with a little scotch tape.

  2. Useful tip? I think the podcast have delivered a lot of great tips. I think the best one would be: do not overthink your setup. If you are overthinking it means that it is not going to work for you. Keep it simpel.

  3. Rather than a useful tip, my favourite and most useful article was definitely the one on the William Hannah disk notebooks, which inspired me to buy one in crimson.
    But there have also been some comments and blogs I found on Philofaxy which have encouraged me to split my Filofax into two separate ones - one for work and one for personal stuff. I love the A5 size and I have recently turned my Wine Holborn zip into my work Filofax with the Professional 2-pages per day and other inserts, and started using my A5 Classic Croc as my personal / work planning Filofax, with the same inserts, which I keep at home. All appointments, events and tasks are stored in Google Calendar and Todoist, and accessed on the go via my mobile.
    Philofaxy is about sharing ideas to help you find the set-up that works for you, and it's great reading about other people's experiences, fails and successes to help you find your perfect set-up.
    Thank you for the brilliant resource that is Philofaxy.

  4. Welcome to 2017, one and all. I'm certain many people (i.e. everybody but me) knew this already, but one advantage of the slimline rings in the A5 Heritage is that a sheet of A4 can be folded in half to A5, punched along the fold edge and once put in the binder will then easily unfold again to full A4 and lie flat without straining or tearing on the rings. It means that documents or forms which might be more practical in A4 size can (with minor adaptation) be used in the Heritage, in either landscape or portrait format. Having only just worked this out I am currently working on adapting a number of my filming forms to leave space for the punch holes - it's much nicer than a clipboard!


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