29 December 2016

End of Year Review

I hope you had a good Christmas.  We had a fairly quiet one this year.

So if you was expecting a podcast today fear not, Karine and I have had a week off and we will be back with the next episode next week.  We have had a great response to our request for topic suggestions, so there will be plenty of episodes coming up next year. But keep sending us your suggestions.

So this year has been more or less the same as many previous years on the blog. Hopefully 2017 will be the same but with a few changes as we go but no drastic changes.

Our visitor numbers have fallen over the last few years as more people spend more time on social media sites these days. However, we still have a core of readers who continue to visit and to contribute and comment on the various posts, and thank you all for your continued support.

We continue to welcome appropriate guest posts, and reader posts for the Sunday slots, we have run out of those at the moment, so if you would like to appear them please contact me.

All of our diary inserts are available for 2017, but I've created a new page for the past years inserts and more importantly future years.

I will be initially be creating year planners for 2018 and beyond, then I will be gradually working my way through the suite to create monthly inserts, weekly and daily inserts etc.

I hope to continue doing reviews of different brands of organisers as they become available.

We will be hosting some more meet ups in UK and Europe during 2017, please look out for announcements.

The Skype round tables will continue each month, everyone is welcome to participate and we always have some friendly discussions this last year.

Web Finds continue to be popular, although finding new posts each week can be a little variable!

On a personal/Philofaxy front I have started an experiment. Whilst I'm fairly happy with using just an A5 organiser at the moment. I wanted to try using some of our A6 inserts to make sure they are 'fit for purpose'. The easiest way to do this is to of course use them for real.

So I'm running both in parallel at the moment for at least a couple of months to see where I need more space on the page or less space. This is mainly to confirm the sizing and layout of the A6 inserts.

I hope you have a successful and happy new year. Take care


  1. Thank you for all your efforts throughout the year, Steve. There is far more to it all than might meet the eye, initially. I for one don't use any social media, so this blog is a lifeline to me, and I really appreciate it. So, from what I read above, there is plenty from you to look forward to next year. Thank you again, and warmest wishes for 2018.

  2. Thank you, Steve - your time working on this blog is very much appreciated and I visit most days to view the informative and entreating pages. All the best for the New Year and Happy Planning.

  3. Happy 2017 to you Steve! I, like Steve Yates, do not use social media, but do look at this everyday, and I do really enjoy it. As usual, much temptation out there, I have an interest in the A-6 size, and I am also intrigued with the William Hanna disc binders. I thought some of trying one or both this past year. What it all comes down to, my personal Filo has worked well for years, and everything is geared to that size. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" would seem to apply here, so like our friend Mr. Popely, I'll just keep on keepin' on. Thanks for all your work on this site Steve.

  4. Thank you, Steve! Philofaxy has been part of my day nearly every day for many years now (since it first started). I also don't follow social sites and love to visit this blog. Your hard work is much appreciated.

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and to all : )


  5. Thank you for your hard work on the blog, podcast, the Facebook groups, and all the inserts. I enjoy this blog even though I do spend most of my time on Social Media! I look forward to what is coming in 2017! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. Steve, I look forward to your posts each morning as I am a stationery/fountain pen/planner junkie. While I do use social media, I find this blog very informative. And it keeps me updated on all the new products in the planner world. I live in the US and don't travel to Europe very often, but one day hope to attend a "meet up." Or maybe one can be scheduled here in the near future? ;-)

  7. Thank you Steve for all your input and hard work on the blog. I read it almost every day and love discovering new things about planners. I also love to read how other people use their Filofax. Your blog is very inspiring and a source of delight for me!
    Happy New Year to you and Happy Planning!

  8. I too look forward to your posts. I also do social media but nothing beats reading a great blog. And this is a great one! Happy new year!

  9. Steve, Thank You so much for sharing all of your work! I'm a podcast junkie, stumbled onto your blog a few months ago and have been diving into all of your content - Awesome stuff!! I've been a Franklin user since 1989 and never knew that there were communities of "Planner Geeks" like me!! Keep up the great work - Cheers!!!!

  10. Yes, thank you Steve for all of your hard work. While I don't comment that often, I do read every day. I am subscribed to a lot of blogs, but this is the only one that I HAVE to check in on daily. And the archives have helped me out many times. Also, all the free printables! Happy 2017 to you and all!

  11. Always a pleasure to come here. Thank you Steve, for your continuous work, on all of our behalf.
    Also thank you to Kollaborating Karine on your podcasts. I often do paperwork during the night (I like to hit my personal best hours like nobody´s business) before the sun rises and that is when I put on one of your podcasts on headphones while I drill into that notorious pile of paper. Keeps one motivated.
    Stellar job!

  12. Steve, a big 'THANK YOU!' for all the great work you do to get this site fresh and relevant. Enjoy visiting your site most every day. It's a great way to learn and get new insights in the world of binders, inserts, and planning.

    Also, enjoy reading everyone's comments and getting acquainted virtually with people around the globe. Lot of great input.

    Like several others, I don't do social media, so, this is THE place for me.

    Also, really interested in your A6 vs A5 experiment. Look forward to reading comments about how it's going real soon.....

    Happy New Year to you and everyone here!


  13. Thanks Steve for all your work. Can you tell us what your current A5 is?

  14. Great many thanks for the wonderful work presented here by the blog main contributors and hosts: Steve, Laurie, Nan, Anita and Karine! To you and all fans of Philofaxy: Have a wonderful years end celebration and blissful start into the New Year!

    And to Steve: don't worry social media is a passing thing for the people that have learned what really counts in life. I do consider it a youth thing that is fading within a maturing life.

  15. Eu sempre estou por aqui, embora também esteja no Facebook. Obrigada por manter esse espaço. Um Feliz 2017 para você!

  16. Thanks so much for everything you do for us Steve! Happy New Year to you and all the contributors to Philofaxy. I check the blog and Facebook every day; I always forget about Instagram though.

  17. Echoing all the others, saying Thank You for all that you do here. It is my go to spot for planner information.

  18. Minor comment: Can you note the language that the week posts are in? English, German, etc.