15 December 2016

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 42

Planning vs Organising

The answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Yes, we have reached out to Deep Thought and what she gave us was the answer we’ve all been waiting for: 6 rings or 9 rings = 42.

Or listen in to see the variations in D minor as Morton and Tovmassian tackle what a planner is versus what a planner is not, what is organizing versus what planning is and defining planners by purpose.

Be a hoppy frood and listen in!

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Show Notes (timings approximate)
00:00 - Introductions
02:00 - Planning vs Organising the differences
10:00 - Getting the most out of a short stay
12:30 - Travel packing list
16:00 - What a planner is and what it isn't
17:00 - What should be in your planner
19:30 - Prepare for the week ahead
22.30 - Tabs or separate planners
23:45 - Only carrying relevant information
25:00 - Purpose of your planner
27:15 - Just because you own an organiser doesn't mean you are organised.

Episode 42 - Planning vs Organising

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Presenters - Karine Tovmassian and Steve Morton
Editing and production - Steve Morton

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  1. Loved this episode! Yes, my planner/organizer/binder is a tool. It is my ‘Sacred Anti-Anxiety’ book. If I know WHERE I’m going, WHAT I’m doing, and WHO is involved, I’m much more relaxed than when I’m winging it. Since I only keep 3 months (1 past, present, and 1 future month), keeping a page for future notations is a big help. So, when April comes around, I copy what ever into the appropriate spot in April’s calendar. ‘Anti-Anxiety’. ‘Sacred’ because 1) no one has permission to write in my book. If anyone has anything to say, they’re welcome to leave a sticky note, and then it’s only a suggestion until it’s in my handwriting. 2) These are MY thoughts and plans.

  2. A bit more general: Organising is for things you already have whilst Planning is future oriented regarding your resources being it time, money, tools, tasks etc. pp.

    Which makes it hard to effectively plan if someone is lacking good skills in organising, whilst good organising is a pre-requisite of seamless and successful Planning.

    1. Organising goal: keeping everything tidy, functional and available to be found again so it can be used on purpose.
      Planning goal: achieving a meta-goal, e.g. using your scarce time more effectively in general ore more specific building a house or going on your annual holidays.
      The process of Planning starts by figuring out which resources you need in order to achieve your goal and within the second step it moves to allocate the appropriate resources of your project to the appropriate time spot and location. Even re-locating a task, process sequence etc. is a step of planning after recognising a deviation in the original project map.
      To not further dive into more detail, jumping back to the meta-meaning:
      If you don’t have a goal that you want to achieve – you have no reason to start planning. And if you have no goal, no planning, you are not able to organise your life or your resources.

    2. Well, sorry - tasks don't belong to the resources. Just cross them out in your mind. Cheers :-)