09 January 2017

Back in red (my wine personal Holborn) - by Anita

Whilst I love my Kensington, I admit that I’ve been craving a bit of colour and didn’t really want to use a black binder during the winter months. In hindsight, I could’ve kept either my crimson Malden or Winchester as I always seem to come back to a red binder at some point. However, both of their prices have gone up quite a bit since I last owned them. So, I did my usual process of joining some of the Facebook selling groups, checking Adspot and eBay to help me figure out what I’d like to get. Thankfully with a bit of luck, time and patience, I always seem to find what I’m looking for at a good price. On purpose, I don’t spend much time on it and I realised soon that the Holborn was a strong contender with its soft leather and a plethora of pockets. After a short wait, I found both the zipped and clasp versions in the lovely wine colour and chose the clasp one.

I admit at first that I was a little disappointed with the colour, but I needed to adjust the saturation in my pictures as it does tend to photograph more red than in real life. I think the best way to explain it would be if you took brown and then added just a little red to lift the colour slightly. It’s a really nice shade and makes me think of autumn leaves and mulled wine. 

So many pockets! I normally use a pencil case in my other binders, but definitely won’t need one in the Holborn.

They layout lends itself well to being used as a wallet, but I think that I’d need to remove the pen when out and about, as it does get in the way of access to the hidden zipped pocket. 

Well, I’ve been using the Holborn as my main planner since the beginning of November and I absolutely love it. Soft leather, contrast stitching, all those pockets, great colour and I also feel comfortable with just chucking it in my bag. I’ve also realised to my surprise that I prefer it to the crimson Malden which is quite a surprise to me. However, the softer leather and pocket layout have won me over completely. 


  1. Thank you for showing the "secret" pocket.

  2. I have the A5 zipped version, and I love it for all the same reasons - beautiful soft leather, and the pockets are perfect, especially that secret one. I've never understood why Filofax have not used the same pocket arrangement in any other Filofax, though the Classic Croc has something similar.