10 January 2017

Free For All Tuesday - No 310

How has the new year started for you? 

Do you have any planner related questions? Comments, discussion points.... anything feel free to ask in the comments.

Have a good week.


  1. Well, I'll be brave and start this FFAT off...... :)

    After deciding last December to just use bound journals for my planner needs, I came to the conclusion last week, that I may have been too hasty in that decision, and decided to (once again....) get back into a ring binder.

    After much reflection, I decided to go back to A5 size as I know that insert-wise that is really the best for me in my work situation. Even though I go through the 'wouldn't it be nice to carry around a much smaller binder' thoughts at some point after having an A5 for a while.

    I say that it's best regarding inserts because I think the best inserts available for my specific work needs are in A5 size. And find then when I experimented in past with smaller size inserts, it feels like I am forcing myself to try and make them work for me, all due to the desire for carrying a small binder.

    As for A5, I managed to get a good 'like new' used Lockwood Garnet Red with strap closure, arrived today. Very handsome binder and like the Garnet Red color much more than expected, as it has a bit burgundy red color. So, not the bright red color I feared. Not that I don't like reds, but at work and all the meetings I go to, I don't want my binder to be the center of attention.

    Anyway, that's where I am at as of now.....hopefully, it will stick for a while....

    Hope all the above is clear and has some logic to it......

    Happy New Year,


    1. I came to that realization too. I love the personal sized binders but the pages are just too cramped, especially when I need to see my whole week and have some space to write. As for the Lockwood, I have one and I love it. The leather is great and the pocket layout is just right.

    2. You mentioned that you purchased a leather cover similar to a Travelers one before December. Did you use the cover and journals at that time and then rely on just the bound journals in December?

      I have a leather cover without strings. I place a notebook in one of the pockets. The covers with strings are popular online but I do not know if I would like the string on the outside of the cover. Did you not prefer the strings or the size of the paper of the bound journals?

  2. I agree completely with you. A5 is very good size for a planner. I always used to use and carry an a5 binder with me everywhere but during the last some... years I´ve needed to retire them from active use, due to physical issues that can no longer be ignored. Still I hanker after my a5s. I am now thinking of keeping one as just a desk binder with daily pages, but then I already have a double coiled DPP-diary in its covers for domestic purposes. I also do have a diary for meetings and more official gatherings- another double coiled but this is a WO2P. This contains only "professional notes" as it is intended for just that use, I don´t need the person next to me to know when my fridge cleaning day is (it´s Wednesday. It´s noted on the a5. Moving on...) and when I polish all my shoes (Friday) and I need this diary to remain clean and easily readable in haste. I also have regular TN that is my EDC and has all. This system works like perfection. Yet... I miss the rings. I am so much more organized in rings. I even dreamed of my Malden and FC two nights ago (I have issues, obviously). I suppose you can take planning out of the rings but it is very hard to get over the memory of such ability to be organized. In fact, I have toyed with the idea that stymied from one of the podcasts. When Steve enthused over the portability of an a5 sized binder in small rings. I have tried a lot of things. I have not tried an a5 in small rings. And that knowledge is bothering me. It is bothering me so much...

    1. I forgot to mention the size of my "official diary" and it is a4. Incredibly wonderful size for a diary! And when flipped so that you only have one a4 page in front of you, it really doesn´t eat much desk space.

  3. The only A5 size I've used was a Frankley Covey 'classic' sized planner. Really loved the style and texture of the material, but found it just a tad too big to carry - especially when I downsize from my work tote to a purse.

    I do use a bound journal ala bullet journal-style for work only and it stays on my desk at all times. Other than that, I need the flexibility of rings as well