24 January 2017

Free For All Tuesday - No 312

You had this idea or question, you don't know the answer, you are sure you might have seen it somewhere. Was it on Philofaxy? You can't remember. It has to be here somewhere. Someone must know the answer.

With nearly 3600 published posts even Steve struggles to find stuff!

But fire away with your questions I'm sure we can find the answer. Two heads are better than one ?

Questions, discussions, it is what Tuesdays are all about....


  1. I am wondering how many people are using a Bullet journal along with their ring bound organiser?

    1. See here: http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2013/09/bullet-journallingplaning-in-your.html

    2. Thank you Steve. That was quick :-) Interesting that you covered this new trend as early as 2013.
      I had my first trial in 2015 but got real into it since Summer 2016. So my curiosity was about the number of people of the planner community have meanwhile adopted this method in one or the other way. I know this could only be properly researched by a survey, but was merely hoping to see people comment on it.

    3. Feld,

      I've been doing some BuJo in a journal along with ring binder.....but wanting to switch over to doing it in my new ring binder to consolidate info locations...

    4. Hi Mark,
      Thanks to your reply :-)
      I am still having both but I am more and more gravitating towards my BuJo. And now it's the second time I am out and about with my BuJo alone, whilst my EDC-Filofax stays at home.

  2. Another question: where do you A6 ring organiser users get your dividers from? Also, is there any suitable ruler for that size available?

    1. I've got a Mulberry agenda in A6 but am not using it due to the lack of accessories.

    2. I made my own with card stock and 3M index tabs. And I made my own today marker too. But Sucess do sell them.


    3. Again, thank you Steve. Well, I'm not so keen to also hand crafting these assessories. You may call me lazy on this but I might be just to comfortably settled in my Personal FFs.

      And Sucess the Dutch brand didn't they go out of business some while ago? Wasn't there a take over by TimeSystem after all?

    4. That's a very neat ruler you've made for your A6 ring organiser and also very generous to offering it to other interested members of the Philofaxy fan community!

    5. It originally started life as one for Personal size which was a freebie, I scanned it in, shortened it a little bit, then printed it out 1:1 and then laminated it! It's a bit wide really as you can see from the photo, but it proves the point that you can make your own fairly easily.

      Succes are still in business: http://www.succes.com and sold through https://appelboom.com/friend

    6. Thank you Steve for your kind explanation. I believe the ruler would not be as useful when smaller and without the conversion tables, but I do get your point.
      Regarding business there I need to disagree with you over the point that success is still operating. Truth is the website and branding is still online under TimeSystem administration. If you'd like to get a proof of it, just look at the contact section of www.succes.com and you'll find this:

      Succes ist allgemein bekannt als Herausgeber von Zeitplanern mit Lose-Blatt-Kalendarien, in Stil abweichend von klassisch bis trendy. Aber Succes ist viel mehr! Heute bietet Succes neben Organizern und Inhalten ein breites Sortiment an Lederwaren, von Aktentaschen über Schreibmappen bis hin zu Geldbörsen.

      Auf dieser Website können Sie aus der Succes Kollektion auswählen und direkt bestellen. Auch kann die Succes Kollektion im Fachhandel bei folgenden Succes Bezugsquellen erworben werden: Bürofachhändler, Warenhäuser, Buchhandlungen. Suchen Sie auf der Händlerseite einen Verkaufspunkt in Ihrer Nähe.

      Haben Sie Fragen oder Bemerkungen zu Succes oder haben Sie eine gute Idee oder einen pfiffigen Spruch, dann teilen Sie uns dies bitte auf dem E-Mail-Formular mit.

      Time/system International GmbH
      Postfach 24 03
      D-79514 Lörrach

      Tel 0800 - 553 98 55
      Fax 0800 - 553 98 56
      E-mail CustomerService_Succes@timesystem.de"

  3. Hate to see a FFAT day go unposted.... ;-)

    So, a quick post.....and update on my binder situation....

    Got a nice garnet red leather Lockwood A5 recently. Very handsome, was a bit worried about the color as I'd never seen one in person, but it turns out to be a very nice muted red, almost a burgundy color, but not quite.

    Was in a bit of a panic to get some new A5 inserts, too busy at work lately to deal with printing my own. So, per my recent other post about need to get binder setup to help manage and give me some sense of having my long project list under control, I ordered a 2017 refill of Time/System inserts. Very high quality, well thought out inserts (and fountain pen friendly too...) for those who feel the need for some serious project planning and management inserts along with good calendar/diary inserts.

    Graphically, very nice and crisp looking on a good quality white paper.

    Meanwhile, I noticed a set of Gillio A5 inserts available not too far from me. So, bought those too, thinking it might take a while to receive the Time/System package.

    Think the Gillio inserts are quite nice for general usage and like the look of them visually and use of a nice ivory cream color paper.

    However, given that T/S package arrived quickly, I have decided to not mix them with the Gillio inserts. So, will be parting with the Gillio set as I've not used any of the pages. Oh well.....

    Meanwhile, per my recent post about need to feel like I'm more in control of my healthy and growing project list (mostly managed by my 3 project managers under my direction), the great insert-meister (GIM), Steve, did his magic, and sent me several draft project scheduling pages to test out. Unfortunately, since getting the pages, I've had various 'fires to put out' at work plus some issues at our house due to recent deluge of rain the past week. This has not allowed me to have some quality quiet time to properly test out the pages and report back to his GIM-ness with feedback. Although, I know already the pages are very useful. But things seem to be quieting down a bit now. So, will be testing and giving feedback soon.

    In addition, the great Guido K, contacted me after seeing my post. We had some correspondence about a year ago or so, after I posted about similar issues at that time. Guido was very kind and gave some very helpful feedback.

    Just having both Steve and Guido's help and follow-up along with some of the other helpful comments regarding my recent post, is of tremendous help and support when feeling a bit overwhelmed.

    Also, here and there, I've been trying to listen to some of the Plannerverse podcasts and that has been a good boost to the psyche/system too.

    All of this is a great testament to the value and power of having this website and community to draw upon as a planning resource.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Mark, seems we've got a mutual feeling about an empty All Tuesday number ..

      Problem solved :-)

    2. Hi Feld,

      As they say, " Great minds think alike..."

      Well, that's what they say.....


    3. Yes, that's a nice saying and great fact. Thanks for mentioning it :-)