20 January 2017

Free For All Friday no. 427 by Anita

I was away last weekend for my work's annual conference and as per normal, my Filofax and a book were in my bag. It occurred to me that these two simple and everyday items offer so much between them:
  • As an avid reader, I can easily lose myself in a good book for many hours and can travel anywhere in the world in my imagination
  • If I pack a non-fiction one, I can study and make notes in my binder
  • I didn't pack my laptop this time, so I found that it helped me focus on doing some project planning without the temptation of the internet
  • I could easily jot down random thoughts as they popped into my head for processing later into my action lists. 
Whilst there are other binder accessories that I own that are useful, I've realised that when I go away the book and planner have become part of my essential items. Somehow it also feels like a little bit of home, no matter where I am.  

What essentials do you pack to go with your planner when you go away?

And always as it's Friday, please feel free to discuss anything ring bound organiser related. Have a great weekend! 


  1. I've done lots of traveling with my Filofaxes over the years, and I always like to have a map of the area/ country I'm visiting in my Filofax. Sure I could get one on my phone or in a guidebook, but I find it really handy to have one in my Filo. It helps me plan my trip when I can easily flip to the map in the same book as my planning pages. Sometimes plans change and I need to make a new reservation, or travel to a different city. I've done lots of planning on the go while traveling with my Filofax!

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  3. I also have maps in the back of my organiser. These are not necessarily where I'm travelling to but of places in the U.K. that I love walking, camping and cycling around. So Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Scotland etc. I cut up pages from road atlases and fold them to fit on the rings in plastic wallets. I've spent many happy hours on train journeys returning from a business meeting with my maps spread out, planning my next escape!

  4. Kindle and planner ... like to travel light ☺️

  5. When I'm travelling I use my Filofax Travel Wallet to carry all my documents and a small notebook I created myself. My Kindle is the main bit of tech I use when travelling and my iPhone. But I will have my organiser in my main bag somewhere.

  6. I used to travel more, and I'd always have my phone and my personal planner. Now I'm using pocket size, it'll be even more convenient.