25 January 2017

Taking stock - by Anita

I thought that I would write a bit of a follow-up to my previous post about Filofax New Year's resolutions, and also borrow a little from Steve's one back in 2010. However, I will be focusing on accessories as I've started some decluttering, so am looking at what to use or give away.

Whilst I love stationery, I don't own very much and keep all my Filofax bits and pieces in this small box. Most of my blank paper is kept in my Franklin Covey compact storage binder and of course, there's my trusty KW-Trio punch. I will be able to free up more space in the box as there are more inserts that can go in the storage binder. I had a quick hunt in my desk drawers and around the place to make sure that it's all in here for the photo.

I admit that it's easy to just pop items in the box and forgot about them. Therefore, I thought that it was time to go through and see what treasures I can find!

Some recent purchases - new dividers (post to follow), a shopping list pad to hole punch, sticky notes and a Hobonichi stencil. I don't decorate as I find it gets too busy for me to look at, so things like this will add a bit of interest and colour.

Some older items that I'll definitely be using - Daiso tabs, Davinci inserts, Muji checklist pad, Muji checklist stamp and Muji pen loop. Haha, I've just checked back and I purchased the checklist pad at the 2012 London meet up! I was lucky to pick the checklist stamp up on eBay for a bargain price.

Other older items to be used - some remaining pages from a menu planner (also from the 2012 meet up), a Coleto multi pen and a couple of jot pads. I also have some small note pads from Artbox and Rhodia that I'm going to use as sticky notes with my one roll of washi tape.

I treated myself to a nice desk with better storage, so I will be moving these items out of the box and into a drawer for easier access and to make sure I use them up.


  1. I'm impressed - I have so much stationery lying about. I have started to try to gather everything together so I can assess how big the problem is! I love your desk - I have a small sloped desk with drawers down the right-hand side, which I love, but it's not the most practical desk for someone who loves stationery and Filofaxes!

  2. Your desk is beautiful. Enjoy your new work space!

  3. I love your desk! I too bought a new one last year but it is still cluttered with stationery and computer 'things'. I'm inspired to have another declutter session!


  4. Absolutely 100% inspiring! You really, really make me want to simplify!