16 January 2017

Guest Post - John Rocha A5 size Binder in Black - Anthony

Thank you to Anthony for sending in this short guest post on an organiser I'd not come across before, they have appeared in Debenhams in UK. 

Recently I was visited our local branch of Debenhams Store and to my surprise there was a display of John Rocha Binders in real leather.

There was a choice of black or brown. I inspected all of them paying close attention to the alignment of the rings, 30mm, most were good. The ring mechanism on most of the binders when using the tabs to open required a huge effort to open.

I finally settled on one in black. Inside there is a 2017 diary a week on two pages, followed by tabs: Yearly Planner, Notes, Reminders, Meetings an A to Z index pages at the rear.

The quality of the paper is very close to the Cotton Cream, the paper weight around 90gsm. At the front there are eight horizontal cards slots, a zipped vertical pocket with leather pull tab and beneath that a full size inner pocket.

There is no pen loop or Today Page Marker. There is a substantial 12mm wide elastic loop which keeps the binder in a closed position.

I have to admit after only a very short time I’d decided to buy and wondered why the binders were here in the store. There is of course a section of John Rocha fashion clothes the display was in this area.

The full price was £42.00 the sale price £12.00 needless to say I am delighted with my purchase.

Thank  you Anthony, these look very good value for money, especially being leather. 


  1. A very nice looking organiser. I've seen black and brown Jasper Conran organisers in Debenhams before but never John Rocha. On their website they're £21.00 in the sale so Anthony, you got an excellent bargain!

  2. A good bargain there, especially for leather. I was lucky to get two Jasper Conran ones in a charity shop. I am not into brands but the quality is good.

  3. Oops typo error, The John Rocha Binder sale price was £21.00. I need a proof reader, no wonder the binders sold out so quickly at £12.00. Incidentally I did see the Jasper Conran items, the John Rocha are far superior the leather is really luxuorious. More haste less speed next time I think.

  4. Interesting. They appear to be a black or brown version of the Kikki K planners.

  5. The only problem I have is that the inserts are not as wide as filofax ones so that when you put a new filofax branded diary in it, you can't see the dividers. I am trying to find a stockist of the John Rocha inserts but not having much luck.