18 January 2017

Reader Question - Help identify this vintage organiser.

Hello Philofaxy team,

We received this from Linda, can you help identify this make and model of organiser? Leave a response in the comments or email me steve@philofaxy.com  
I have a lovely old diary/planner that I got in 1991 and had never thought much about the brand until now. And now it's driving me nuts because I cannot work out who made it. I am happy to keep using it but if I could get another of the same beautiful leather I would like to. Of course in my searching I've seen and now fallen in love with lots of other brands and I can feel an obsession coming on.

Anyway I am hoping you might recognise it and be able to tell me who made it. Looking forward to hearing back from you.




  1. One very similar in Ramoan leather sold on eBay UK quite recently.
    I can't quite tell from the photos what type of leather this one mentions on the label.
    But, other than noting that if you run an Internet search for "sm leather" then you may find more than you bargained for, I'm afraid I have drawn a blank!

  2. A couple of these are on Ebay at the moment:



    Sadly neither seller knows the make!

  3. It looks (to me, anyway) that the numerical code on this binder is 5M, not SM, and the leather used is COHERA CALF. Did a search for both and drew a blank, plus looked back through the old Filofax catalogues up to 1996 and couldn't find / see anything that relates. Sorry.

  4. Just bought a Burgundy Remoan calf in excellent condition and by far prefer it to any of the several Filofaxes I have. Cannot find anything on a search, but the lady I bought it from thinks it was bought for her by a friend from George Henry Lees in Liverpool