03 January 2017

Web Finds - 3 January 2017

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. 2017 Planner Setup - Valerie Brown
  2. Franklin Covey 2017 inserts - Rebecca Barton
  3. Plan With Me Franklin Covey Budgeting Planner Jan 2nd thru Jan 8th - The Clumsy Crafter
  4. Shade of Colors planners/franklin covey - BROOKLYN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT GROUP
  5. Gillio Pocket Planner Size Comparison: Compagna, Mia Cara and Appunto A6 (Hobonichi) - Katherine Shu
  6. Il mio setup agenda 2017 - Van der Spek pocket - MyMakeupReviewdotnet
  7. My 2017 "Planner" Stack - Antonisha Plans
  8. Ung mamma  Min kalender 2017! Filofax sofiano - Hanna Kristensson
  9. 2017 Planner refill - filofax, Happy Planner etc - NorthernIreland Teacher
  10. Pocket Filofax Size Comparison and Flip Through - The Planner Guru
  11. Filofax Creative Journal 2016 Week 44 || JOURNAL WITH ME - K. Fee
  12. Plan with me / Filofax the Original Personal - KW1 - Do what you Love
  13. Preparing myself for 2017 - in personal and A5 Filofaxes - From Chaos to Order
  14. Filofax setup nude // personal planner // - plannerlovinglulu
  15. Filofax Saffiano Zip Compact Poppy Red Configuração do Setup. Homenagem a Gustav Klimt. - Beatriz Lírio
  16. Filofax Set up | Fertigstellung für 2017 | WAARUUM - Waaruum
  17. Filofax Domino 2017 setup - Rita Weaver
  18. Filofax Bullet Journaling? & A5 Domino Unboxing - Indigo Nili
  19. Setup Filofax DuckEgg (timelapse) - plan.tastisch
  20. Filofax Set up - It's Selma
  21. Recollections C'est la vie Flipthrough | Personal Filofax Comparison - Emily Leonard
  22. FiloFax Maldon Mini SetUp - Kalender im Portemonnaie - HannaLena90
  23. How To Choose A Planner & Get Organized 2017 SugarPaper, Filofax, Louis Vuitton, BuJo - T3T
  24. Filofax Pocket Malden Setup as a Wallet - ohyeaitsjen
  25. Filofax A5 printable - Januar 2017 Vorlage - Tinas Welt
  26. My a5 pink Filofax organiser after a year of use! - Zozo Xo
  27. s e t u p | f i l o f a x | s t a t i o n a r y t h i n g s - stationarythings
  28. Quick Pocket Filofax Malden flip through - Sharondippity
  29. Personal Filofax Malden 2017 Setup - Nicole Smith-Wilson
  30. 2017 A5 Filofax Planner Setup - Natalie Gramling
  31. UPDATES To My Filofax| Ft inkWell Press Planner Inserts Pt. 2 of 2 - The Domestic Handmaiden of Distinction
  32. Plan With Me Filofax Wochendeko KW 1 /2017 - Diamondis Creativ
  33. Plan with me Filofax Personal KW2 2017 - Do what you Love
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My Week Posts
  1. December Flip Through - Karen's Obsessions
  2. My week #246 - Paper Lovestory
  3. #1 Plan With Me 2017 - Karen's Obsessions
  4. Plan My Week : #1 – My 2017 Planner Set Up - Ugly Bug Plans


  1. Please do not post videos by "Leroy Lynch." This is a fake YouTuber who catfishes other legit YouTubers and posts their videos as his own. I have reported him to YouTube. If you look at his channel, you'll see all the videos there are pilfered from other channels, and posted within the same 24-48 hours.

    Catfishing is a known scam to garner views and make money.

  2. "Leroy Lynch" has apparently changed his channel name to "Planner Setup," and will probably keep changing the name. That channel is still a catfisher and STEALS VIDEOS.


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