19 May 2016

Diary Inserts for 2017

It is that time of year again, we are pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 diary inserts here on Philofaxy.

At this point in time we are just releasing our existing ones. I will be looking at the feasibility of adding to the range from the list of requests we received the other week.

If you have a Filofax organiser, you probably have diary pages – probably ones made by Filofax. If you’re happy with those pages, great. If you’d like to try something different, read on. If you’d like to experiment or adapt a diary that is just right for your very particular needs then you’ve come to the right place.

Ray Blake of the My Life All in One Place blog and I have collaborated in an ongoing project to produce a range of diary layouts that can be downloaded, printed, punched and used. You can find them all here and they are all free.

They are offered for download and use under a Creative Commons Licence. That means you can freely use and adapt them other than commercially. You can share these templates with other people, but you must not charge for them.

You need to decide whether you just want to download prepared layout sets for the full year, or whether you want to roll up your sleeves and adapt our templates to your own needs. Some of the things you can do when you have the source files are:
  • Make and print a diary for any year - past, present or future
  • Adjust the space given to different days or other template elements
  • Add your name or other details to each page
  • Make a diary for part of a year, or for any period you want
  • Change the language of month and day name
Please note even if you have adapted our files to your own liking you are still bound by the Creative Commons Licence.

Follow the links below to the blog posts where the files are to be found. Often there will be several in one post, but the individual files will be clearly signposted and instructions are included in the posts.

Each layout now has a 'preview' image, so you can see what the file looks like before you download the files, the preview will not show the current year.

Before downloading the PDF files and printing them please read the note at the foot of this post about PDF readers scaling the print output.

Inserts for 2017

A4/A5 Format
  1. Day per page .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  2. Day per page minimalist journal (narrow) .doc .pdf Source Files Preview
  3. Day per page minimalist journal (wide) .doc .pdf Source Files Preview
  4. Day on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  5. Day on two pages (Daily Dashboard .docx .pdf Source Files - Word Excel Preview
  6. Two days per page (Lined) .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  7. Two days per page (Unlined) .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  8. Week per page .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  9. Week per page with Tasks .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  10. Week on two pages Enhanced TM   .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  11. Week on two pages Enhanced TM (5 line version)  .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  12. Week on two pages Enhanced TM  with Journal  .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  13. Week on two pages Enhanced TM (5 line version) with Journal .docx .pdf Source Files  Preview
  14. Week on two pages (cotton cream layout) .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  15. Week on two pages Journal .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  16. Week on two pages Journal Lined .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  17. Week on two pages Vertical .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  18. Week on two pages Minimalist Vertical .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  19. Month per page .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  20. Month per page (Horizontal Format) .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  21. Month per page with notes: .docx .pdf Source Files  Preview
  22. Month on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  23. Month on two pages with notes .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  24. Year planner A4 .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  25. Year planner A4/A5 Z fold .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  26. 2017 Year Calendar .doc .pdf Preview
A6 Inserts for 2017
  1. Day per page  - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  2. Day on two pages - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  3. Two days per page (Lined)  - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  4. Two days per page  - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  5. Week per page  - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  6. Week view - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  7. Week view (vertical layout)  - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  8. Week plus Tasks - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  9. Week plus Tasks sub-divided Days - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  10. Enhanced TM Week View - WordPDF Source (Word Excel), Preview
  11. Month per page - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  12. Month on two pages  - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  13. Month on two pages (Horizontal format) - WordPDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  14. 2017 Year planner  - Word 2017 PDF 2017, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  15. 2017 Year Calendar .doc .pdf Preview
All of these A6 files are in A4 format and all should be printed on to A6 size paper as detailed in the previous post. There is one exception to this and that is the Year Planner, this should be printed on to A5 paper at 70% scale and then Z folded to fit in to A6.

Personal on Personal Paper
  1. Day per page .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview 
  2. Day on two pages .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  3. Two days per page .docx .pdf Source .docx .xlsx Preview
  4. Week per page .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  5. Week per page plus notes and tasks .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  6. Week on two pages .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  7. Week on two pages Vertical .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  8. Enhanced TM Weel View Word PDF Source Files Preview
  9. Month per page .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  10. Month per page with notes: .docx .pdf Source Files  Preview
  11. Month on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  12. Month on two pages with Notes .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  13. Month on two pages (Horizontal) .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  14. Year Calendar .docx .pdf Preview
Personal on A4 Paper
  1. Day per page .docx .pdf Source Files Preview 
  2. Day per page minimalist .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  3. Day on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  4. Two days per page (Lined) .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  5. Two days per page (Unlined) .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  6. Week on one page .doc .pdf Source Files Preview
  7. Week on two pages Enhanced TM .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  8. Week on two pages Vertical layout .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview 
  9. Week on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  10. Week on two pages landscape layout .docx .pdf Source Files Preview 
  11. Month per page .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  12. Month on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  13. Year planner .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
Personal on Letter Paper (North Americans Only!)
  1. Day per page .docx or .pdf Source Files  Preview
  2. Day per page minimalist .docx or .pdf Source Files  Preview
  3. Day on two pages .docx or .pdf Source Files  Preview
  4. Two days per page .docx or .pdf Source Files  Preview
  5. Two days per page (lined) .docx or .pdf Source Files  Preview
  6. Week on two pages - TM  .docx or .pdf Source Files  Preview
  7. Week on two pages - CC  .docx or .pdf  Preview
  8. Week on two pages - Vertical layout -  .docx or .pdf  Preview
  9. Week on two pages - Landscape layout .docx or .pdf  Preview
Pocket on A4 Paper
  1. Day per page minimalist .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  2. Day on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  3. Two days per page (Lined) .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  4. Two days per page (Unlined) .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  5. Week on two pages enhanced TM .docx .pdf  Source Files  Preview
  6. Week on two pages CC Inspired Layout .docx .pdf Source Files Preview
  7. Month on one page .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
  8. Month on two pages .docx .pdf  Source Files Preview
Mini on A4 Paper
M2 on A4 Paper
If you spot any dead links or wrongly dated files (2016 instead of 2017) please let me know I think I've caught all the dead links..

Note: Printing Word or PDF files

When printing either the Word or the PDF files, it is essential that you set the paper size correct in the application and in any printer dialogue boxes on your PC/Mac. If you are printing on A4 paper, then you need to set the paper size to A4 not Letter or any other size.

If you don't set the paper size correctly then the files will be resized according to the paper size you have selected, despite having A4 paper loaded in the printer.

Printing PDF Files

When you print your PDF file, it prints out smaller on paper than the Word or other file it was created from.

When you print from Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will see this dialogue:

You will see that 'Print Scaling' setting is by default set to 'Shrink to Printable Area? That's the one that's shrinking your PDF when you print it.

Change the setting to 'None':

Now, when you print the PDF it will print at the right size.

Using the source files

Tutorial for MS Office for Mac 2011

Tutorial for MS Office for Windows 2010

Tutorial for MS Office for Windows 2003

Once again thanks for all your support and feedback on these inserts. 


  1. A wonderful resource. Thank you both for your work.

  2. your personal diary week on 2 pages 2017 are all jumbled up. From Feb onwards

    1. Please be more specific, which one?

    2. 2017_merged_Enhanced_TM_Week_per_view_5line is all jumbled up after Feb when I print in booklet the pages don't line up

    3. Can I ask what size paper are you printing it on? And can you confirm that we are talking about number 11 in the list above, also which file the docx or pdf?

    4. Hi Steve, yes using A4 paper and I'm using the docx from your list inserts for 2017 number 11

    5. Have you set the printer to use A4 paper as well in the setting. Because I can not see anything wrong with the file on the screen.

      When you say 'Jumbled' from Feb onwards I think your printer isn't duplexing consistently beyond a few pages.

      As well as using A4 paper you need to set your printer to us A4 paper as well.

    6. Thanks for the info Steve....will have to play around with the printer.
      cheers for the help.

  3. Thank you both for your work getting these customisable templates to people (like me) who don't have the skills needed to me them ourselves!

    Could you please help me though as I have exhausted my search for A5 templates with a week on two pages but with a start day of Sunday and not Monday! I can't seem to find them anywhere. Filofax have them only for the pocket sized binder but not A5.

    I have tried to download and customise one of your many templates but they are all messed up when I try and change the format , mainly as I'm not sure what I'm doing!

    Could someone please point me in the right direction to change one of your templates so the week starts on Sunday?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Which one are you trying to change? Monthly ones are fairly easy to change to Sunday Start, Weekly ones less so easy.

      We have no intention at the moment of making Sunday start as well as Monday start files available. As you can see our workload if fairly high now and to more or less double to number of inserts would be quite a commitment for the small number of people that have asked for Sunday start.
      To do the full suite of files each year takes us several days!

  4. Thanks for the quick reply Steve. Unfortunately it's the weekly ones I'm after, specifically a week on 2 pages diary!

    I'm quite happy to do the changes myself if possible, I just need some direction as I've no idea where to start, so any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks again

    1. Roy, Email me philofaxy @ gmail dot com and I can send you an example file on a week on 2 pages, for you to look at so you can see what the change involves. You have to have both the Word file and the Excel file.

  5. The Enhanced TM Week View for A6 is from year 2016. The title of the file says 2017 though. Could you please reupload?

  6. HI, I LOVE this. I have done the mailing merge document and made my work doc all pretty, but when a merge with source code, I get 2015 diary instead of 2017. Where can I find the source code for 2017. I am doing a week on one page.

    1. Change the date in Cell A2 of the Excel file.

  7. hello, I love that you have set these up. Unfortunately, Personal week on one page on personal size paper is dated for 2016, not 2017.

    1. It starts in the last week of 2016, then goes in to 2017 like most of our inserts do. Please confirm.

  8. Hi I have a Mulberry with inserts measuring 171cm x 95cm but cannot find any printable inserts that has a week on one A5 which I can cut out to fit these sizes
    can anyone help?

    1. Brenda, 171 x 95 mm not cm is Personal Size not A5. A5 is 105x148mm

  9. Hi can you please advise when 2018 will be available?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Since about 4 months ago! You will find 2018 and 2019 inserts all here:


    2. Thank you, sorry I used a URL saved from the year before!

  10. Thank you very much, Steve. Very useful printouts. I've been using Filofax since 1996 and I'm really sorry they discontinued their time management products. Thanks God you are here for us – the old school guys 

  11. Hi, I'm totally a noob here and must say I love your site and all the work you've both done for these templates. My question is what are the hole spacing measurements for the A5 filofax? I just picked up a Cooper Case portfolio for my Kindle Fire that I'm making into the hub of managing my life. I need to do expenses and time management. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks and stay awesome!

    1. Hi
      See this post for the hole-spacings of all models http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-great-organiser-hole-spacing.html