10 September 2017

Differences between different Van der Spek Touch Me leathers

The Van der Spek Touch Me range is Van der Spek 'off-the-shelf' organiser range. Over the last 3 or more years there have been different leathers used for this range.

Originally the range was only available in black and dark brown.

Here is an example in black in Standard size (Personal)

In September 2015 two new colours were added Light Brown and Purple.

These two new colours were in a slightly different leather to the existing Black and Dark Brown. It has a silky smooth finish.

About a year later in 2016 the current range of colours replaced the previous Black, Dark and Light Brown and Purple.

In the photo below they are from left to right, Black, Gris Blue, French Blue, Tabac and Menthe.

These leathers have a definite surface texture. The previous Light Brown and the Tabac are similar in colour, but very different in 'texture'

The pen pouch is in the Light Brown leather, which is on top of the Tabac of the current Touch Me leather.

And a more detailed photograph of the Tabac leather.

Three new Touch Me colours will be added later in 2017. The Gris Blue, Menthe and French Blue will be phased out when stocks are sold out.

I hope this explains the differences between the different Touch Me leathers.

If you have any additional questions please post them in the comments below.

Additional information: Van der Spek On-line shop
Facebook Group:  Van der Spek Organiser Fans


  1. I so wish a purple TM ws added to the new collection. I was not really into purple when they previously added that colour and by the time it grew on me it was too late.

  2. I like the old purple colour too. I wish someone wanted to sell their senior TM in purple, but it seems everyone likes it so much they want to keep it. Oh well....... :(

  3. There is a purple in the new colours coming in the next few months. Look out for announcements when they are in stock

    1. Fantastic! I just can't wait to get a purple planner!!! I hope it won't be too pink or too dark though.

  4. Very good and clear description. Is the tabac stiffer than the light brown then?