25 September 2017

Project Planner Template for A4/A5 and A6 users

I would like to thank Rose for sending in this Project Planner Template for A6 organiser users. I have also adapted it to work with A4/A5 sizes too.

The pages look like this, starting with the first page:

Pages 2 and 3 are a straight forward To-Do list for the project, this allows you to break down the project in to manageable tasks. 

And the last page is a simple grid which you can use in one of several ways. Either a Gantt chart, or you could use it for totalling costs in different categories. 

You can download the files from here: 
To print the files, the A6 file is set to print directly on to A6 size paper, in most cases you will have to put the paper in the feed tray and flip the pages from one side to the other manually. 

The A5 file is sized to A4, so booklet print the file on to A4 paper and then cut the sheet in half and you will have the file in A5 size. Or alternatively print the file on to A5 paper and scale to fit (71%) and like the A6 you will have to print the 'Odd' pages flip the sheets and then print 'Even' pages.

Thank you again to Rose for supplying the original files. 

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