20 September 2017

Web Finds Issues

I've lost track of when I started doing web finds, it must be well over five years now.

The posts these days are Tuesdays and Saturdays. They have changed in format over the years compared to what we have now. 

Sadly you can't have failed to notice that the size and content of the posts is not like it used to be during the peak years, when there was so many posts I had to split them between Tuesday and Saturday. 

There are on-going issues with producing both posts that I would like to make you aware of. 

The video post on Tuesday has a couple of issues, starting with the reduced number of videos that are appearing in my searches each week. I search on the various brand names as the most obvious way of finding suitable videos. 

I have a new minor issue about obtaining the title and the link to the videos on You Tube since they redesigned their site. Using my established method I now end up with four spaces before and after the title of the video that need to be edited out each time! I have a temporary work around for this though. 

There is also an increasing number of channels being pirated on You Tube. The pirates steal the content and upload it and add adverts to them to make money off other peoples content. Sometimes it is easy to spot these pirate channels and were possible I find the real owners of the content and advise them to report it to You Tube. 

Occasionally these videos have been included in Web Finds and if someone contacts me to point out that they know a video is pirated then I do remove it from listing. 

It would be helpful if You Tube creators included their channel name in the title of the video, then the pirated ones would stand out better.

To avoid this in future it would be very helpful to me if I had a list of known video channels that regularly make content available that you find interesting to watch that will appeal to other Philofaxy readers.

Question 1, which channels are you subscribed to for good content featuring organisers? 

The Saturday post is just blog posts from around the internet that feature organisers or information that I believe will be of interest to organiser users in general. 

Yes I've had to bend the rules a bit in the last few months to make the lists a reasonable length otherwise there will hardly be much in them each week. 

Finding new blogs isn't easy these days, especially as Google don't have a 'Blog' category any more. 

When I find a new blog I add it in to my monitoring system which flags up when there are new posts. Even if the blog features only the occasional organiser or planning blog post I continue to monitor it. 

Quite a few people have dropped out of the blogging scene in the last couple of years, it is very time consuming to keep a good blog ticking over with new and fresh content each day/week/month. I think I'm fairly well qualified to be a judge of that!!  

The dormant blogs either go quiet or disappear completely. I remove the ones from the system that get shut down. 

Question 2, are there any blogs out there that you know about, that we miss out of Philofaxy Web Finds that you believe should be included? 

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thank you.

Note: The same issues also apply to the videos shared on Travellers Notebook Times as well! 


  1. Other than blogs & videos having English titles but commentary in another language, I have no particular observations.

    Personally, I just want to let you know that I appreciate all the work that you put into this blog. I also learn a lot from individual contributors.

    Is the slow-down in blogging due to digital planning getting better or are people just on Facebook more?

    1. Yes I think Facebook and other diversions have reduced peoples attention spans over the years! I find my shorter posts get more attention these days and more comments too.

      I will keep going as long as I can!

      Thanks for your kind words and feedback.

  2. Can I just echo BlackStarBlues - I really appreciate all the work you put into this blog and your other work online. I've really learned a lot since I got back in Filofax a few months ago; you've inspired me to look at different ways of doing things - thank you so much Steve!

  3. I don't know if this is really related, but I find web posts more enjoyable than video posts. I read faster than I can listen, (or than people can talk) and it requires less patience to read a post than wait for a video (and its ad) to play

  4. Hello Steve, I echo with all the comments above that in the planning community, we really appreciate you putting the blog and web finds together. Your site is the only blog that I read in regular basis. As of your questions, here is a few that I am subscribing to and I am sure you covered 80% of it.
    Youtube Channels: Carie Harling, Ali Brown, Bushimen (Chinese), Dearly Dee, Girl and Quill, MyLifeMits, Plannergirl 777, Sunshine& Stationery, Maotuan Gundan (Chinese), Seaweed Kisses, MadeWithLoveCrafter, LittleCoffeeFox, Sylvia From Wright Your Life, Emily Pencil, The Planner Spot, TheSassyPineapple and more......

    Thank you for keeping up this awesome work!

    1. Hi Katherine.
      Thank you for the very detailed list! I've added them all to my system and will watch them with interest.
      Naturally your own channel is already on the system!
      Once again thank you

  5. One Fantastic Find, by Rebecca Moore Bover, Joshua la Porte's vlogs, Ocean's 17... think I've got the name right here, Carie Harling and anything DIY Fish planner related are what excite me in the plannerverse, plus of course Philofaxy and of course all contributors towards Carie Harling's planner magazine. Better than Vogue, Tatler or Good Housekeeping all rolled together in one!!!!

    1. Thank you Jane for your suggestions. I've added them to the system.

  6. Could you include "instagram" in your searches? Maybe highlight one hashtag a week?

    1. I will investigate the mechanics of that. Thank you for the suggestion.

  7. Hi there,

    I used to have this blog; myfiloworld.com. this blog isnt up anymore, for a few years now.

    I just recently started blogging again at: charmedplannerlife.com. Perhaps you could take this with you in your weekly web finds?

    Thanks! Maaike

    1. Thank you Maaike, I've added your new blog to the system, I wondered where the old one had gone to!