24 September 2017

Filofax Bromley Travel Wallet - Adaption

I enjoy using my Filofax Bromley Travel Wallet when I need to travel, it holds all my tickets and cards, change, passport etc.

It is of course far too big to use on a normal day to day basis unless you wear a jacket with a deep pocket. But for travelling it just perfect.

The wallet can take a thin travellers notebook if you size it correctly with the wallet being about A5 in height.

On the inside you might remember from my review it has the facility to hold personal size pages with too press-studs the correct spacing apart for the inner two holes on a personal page. However, I don't use personal size very often these days. So I wondered could it take a folded A5 page instead.

It can but you have to punch an extra pair of holes in the pages and then fold the page length wise as shown. It will be fine for occasional notes and written details about my flights/trains etc.

I'm always looking for different ways to use existing items!! This is just yet another example!


  1. Love it - having everything together in one "go-to". Would love one of those!

  2. I like this! I like that there are snaps to hold the pages so you can later transfer them to your binder.