27 September 2017

The London Stationery Crawl

What is a Stationery Crawl? Sounds like a bit of a contradiction, yes it would be if I had mis-spelled it Stationary Crawl!  Think of a pub crawl, but you visit different shops for stationery and other related items!.

Confused? As always a picture saves a thousand words.

I created this map a couple of years ago from a listing during National Stationery Week and then 'enhanced' it over time.

We will not be attempting to visit all of these establishments on Saturday, but if you are in London for a few days and you want to know where the best stationery shops are then I hope this map helps you.

If there are any updates/missing shops, please let me know in the comments below.


  1. A good resource you've created here thanks Steve.
    Makes me sad though to think that this is pretty much the lot still remaining!
    There are three other branches of The Pen Shop as well as the outlet you show in Debenhams.
    More interesting though is the small but excellent shop Choosing Keeping out to the East. No organisers there (so far) but many other treasures.

    1. Thanks Max, I've added a few more including the ones you suggested.

  2. I'll be in London in October. I may try to hit up some of these shops.