03 September 2017

Planner Con Europe 2017 - The Winners

Last Sunday I invited you to enter the 'Philofaxy Entrance Exams' to win tickets to attend the Plannercon Europe in Brussels on 28-29th October 2017!!

I got over 30 entries, sadly I only have 10 tickets. Only one person didn't get a 'Pass' to be entered in to the draw.  There was a good number of people with all the correct answers and a most people got at least 5 out of the six correct. The first one baffled a few people, likewise number five.

The Answers.

We asked you to study the picture below which shows 6 different organisers/planners. And answer the following questions:
  1. This is a Filofax Belmont
  2. This is a Filofax Malden
  3. This is a Filofax Original (like says on the button!)
  4. This is a Van der Spek
  5. This is a William Hannah not W H Smiths!
  6. This is a Gillio Mia Cara 

And the lucky winners are:
  1. Maud Fournier 
  2. Kerry Hurst 
  3. Sabine Lange 
  4. Bianca Scheffer 
  5. Catarina Romeira 
  6. Reena Kumarasingham 
  7. Loretta Coles 
  8. Kathja Maneke 
  9. Lucy Bennett 
  10. Kelly Howarth
The ten named people above will be contacted by Mella by email soon.

For full details about Plannercon Europe please visit the website.

Thank you to Mella at PlannerCon Europe for sponsoring this competition.

1 comment:

  1. Oooooh I can't express how happy I am. Thank you, Mella! Thank you, Steve! Thanks PlannerCon Europe. And congrats to my fellow winners. See you there in a couple months.