13 October 2017

Free for All Friday No. 465 by Nan

Hard to believe, but it's almost Halloween! A lot of holidays, both religious and secular, occur in the final quarter of the year.

How do you use your Filofax (or other ring-bound organizer) at holiday time? For planning special holiday meals and parties? For saving memories of gifts given and received and special outfits worn?

Of course, since it's Friday, it's always a little reason to celebrate, so let's open the floor to all discussion.


  1. How do I get holes in the diary inserts? I only have use of an A4 2 hole punch and a single punch

    1. Try looking through some of our previous posts on Hole punches. We have reviews of most of the ones available:


    2. Buy a Filofax compatible punch. Problem solved.

  2. I designed a calendar with three months on a page. I inscribed the dates on a lined sheet with a crease. The days are in a row instead of a column. I chose the rows because I do not want to write the first letter of all days on the format with columns. I do not create a structure on the computer because I am using the paper of old notebooks.

    This year I used my weekly format I designed on the pages of a small bound notebook. Next year I do not intend to use the same layout. Because of some shortcomings of a bound book I assembled notebooks of different sizes with removable sheets. I placed the small one in the tall pocket of my cover without rings or strings. I can transfer the sheets from the little notebook to the large one. I use these products in addition to large binders.

  3. Christmas is the only holiday that gets planned in the planner because there's so much more involved (gift buying, cooking, baking, decorating, card list, shipping out gifts, decorating, travel arrangements, etc)

    I make an inexpensive divider from a manila file folder (or similar) and use a self-stick tab at the top labeled Xmas. Behind it is a separate page for gift list, baking list, card tracker, etc. Once everything's over, I pop it out and store it until next year