30 October 2017

The Perfect Organiser?

Here are some notes I jotted down for my talk about the 'Perfect Planner' at PlannerCon Europe. I've adapted them slightly for your consumption.

If the 'Perfect Organiser' exists what benefits would it give you the owner?
  • You might achieve 'Planner Peace' 
  • It will be an organiser you want to use, all the time
  • Reduce your desire to buy more organisers.
  • An organiser that will help you meet your goals each day/week/month
  • An organiser that will reduce your stress and anxiety, because you will have written it in your organiser and you will not have to worry about remembering something important
  • The organiser you don't want to swap out of, no reason to want to swap
I believe that the perfect organiser does exist for us all. However, it will be different for each of us, one solution doesn't fit all. 

The 'Perfect Organiser' might be something you have Custom Made, which might cost more than you have ever spent on any one or several organisers in the past, but in the long term this one purchase might save you money.


  1. I would have loved to hear your presentation In Bruxelles and hope that it might appear in the future - perhaps as a podcast.

    Whilst the “one life, one organiser” concept ought to make sense, I’m not sure it works for many of us, as we have different parts to our lives. In my case an A5 on my desk, stuffed with current papers and room to write is great. But it’s too big to be my EDC (Every Day Carry). So, whipping out a Personal, Compact or Slimline at a meeting looks and feels great - with just the pages needed for being “on the move”. But even that’s too big if I’m heading off camping and just need a lightweight Pocket - with notebook, travel documents and a few essential information pages in my rucksack.

    If there is just one binder, it must be a compromise - so, by definition, not “the perfect organiser”!

  2. I agree with Tim - would love to hear your presentation, Steve. Wasn’t there a survey amonst PlannerCon Europe on their planner use? So “one life, one organizer”.... I had this lifestyle for more than 10 years (and my “book” was widely known amongst both my personal and professional contacts). I didn’t replace my first planner (a pocket FF Kensington) until the leather was shredding! Then I discovered Philofaxy and met people who showed me you can have more than one planner! The Christmas after I met Philofaxy I was gifted with my first A5 which I used to focus on my professional work life. Imagine if we had Planner Peace.... would Van der Spek, Gillio, Filofax enjoy the increased revenue the planner community has provided them?

  3. My perfect organizer is a custom one I made myself, and you're right. It's my one and only.

  4. I always used to be a 2 planner lady... one A5 for Work and a personal for .... well personal.
    In my role my personal life and work life tend to mingle (Im a PA to 4 directors) some of which can be in Hong Kong, Dubai, or the UK. I’m now a one planner lady with everything at the touch of my fingers ... it even stores all my bank cards and cash and acts as my purse. It really is a one stop shop. It’s bulky and if I could Shrinkray it to be a personal size with all the info in it that would be great but for now it goes everywhere with me as is hehe.