05 October 2017

Guest Post - Ian - List of Organiser Brands

Thank you to Ian Dawes for providing this very comprehensive list of organiser/planner  brands:

I’ve spent the last few months trawling the internet searching for websites that are related to planners and organisers and here is what I have found. There so many more brands out there than I could have imagined, I thought that this market would be shrinking in modern times, not expanding!

Wherever possible I have added a hyperlink to the exact page that contains the organisers, if none are currently listed I have linked to the main webpage or parent company.

In some instances, I could not find a website for the manufacturer so I have linked it to a google images search instead. On some rarer occasions, I have added a link to either an eBay or Amazon listing instead.

This is by no means the final list and I welcome any suggestions or input you may have, please email me filofaxist (at) gmail dot com.

Text is in blue, this means it is hyperlinked to a webpage.
Text is in red, no images or information could be found but it is a known brand.
* Link added by Steve

Ring bound:

Disc bound:

Wire bound:


Notepads or notepad holders:


  1. Yo.u might like to add the following makers under the notebook section: Zencraft, Buteo Bunker, Peledori Vienna, paper Design Studios, Applepig. Naked Cown has changed its name to Journals by joey.

    Jacqui Wapshott

  2. Startplanner, a daily or weekly wire, case bound, or binder planner.

  3. Wow. Just, wow! Makes my head spin! Thanks Ian!

  4. Great research Ian.

    I used Blue Sky for 2 years. Good beginner planner. Www.bluesky.com

  5. Great list! Thanks for doing this. Here are a few more to add: Tul and Dokibook under disc bound and Patricia Nash under ring bound. Maybe consider a category for life planners: Dreambook by Dragontree, Leonie Dawson's Shining Year Workbook, and the Passion Planner.

  6. Wow what a fantastic research! A must keep! Thank you

  7. Currently I´m hanging around another Website that sells interesting, because large ring-sized planners: Elfenklang, it is a german website.

  8. Another ring bound German brand: Flexinotes - http://www.flexinotes.de

  9. Another one making and selling ring-bound folders and notebook covers: Delmon Varone, http://www.delmonvarone.de