09 October 2017

The Podcast Is Returning..

After a longer break than we had anticipated, Karine and I will be returning soon.

You might not realise it but for each 30 minute podcast it takes us about 3-4 hours to create them.
  • ?? minutes to research the topic.... it varies!
  • 60 minutes to record
  • 45-60 minutes to mix the audio tracks
  • 45 minutes to listen and create the 'show notes' 
  • 30 minutes to publish the finished podcast
Time of course is something I've got plenty of most weeks! But a few things have got in the way in the last couple of months. 

If you haven't discovered the Podcast yet, you can listen on line to each one using a variety of methods: 
So what topics would you like us to discuss in the coming weeks? Please leave a comment down below. 


  1. So glad the podcast is coming back! I miss y'all's voices and advice!

  2. Love the podcasts!

  3. Gretchen Rubin is one of my favorite authors and pod casters. She is also a dedicated Filofax user. I would LOVE to hear an interview with her!