11 October 2017

Tell us about...... 17

A lot of us use our organisers to keep a plethora of other information besides our calendar appointments and addresses.

So what other miscellaneous information do you keep in your organiser?

Tell us in the comments below.


  1. I’ll kick off - and be a bit contraversial! Apart from a fold-out year calendar page (just has key events such as holidays, sportives etc), I no longer manage any appointments or schedules in my organiser. That’s why I’ll never use the American “planner” term. I use my organiser for organising - which is what Filofax have always called them!

    I keep an information section with pre-printed personal information, encrypted passwords, business data, packing lists etc. I then have all my membership and loyalty cards in vinyl card holders, a section of cutdown local maps showing cycle routes and trails and finally a section of blank pages for notes. That all fits in a Holborn Slimline with currency, stamps, post-it notes and business cards in the pockets.

    Keeps me organised - but I still sometimes ponder switching to Pocket size!

  2. Aside from my calendar and planning pages, I have categorized lists for various things, Knitting podcast notes section, a writing section for plot bunnies, my coupon section, and a general notes section. This is my everything book. I tried splitting things up with traveler's notebooks but it became tedious and confusing.

  3. I don't travel through London often, but always keep a Transport for London freebie tube map for when I do. Jolly handy to have. Otherwise I keep the usual diary appointments, all kinds of lists, coded passwords and just a little notepaper.The other handy thing in my A5 are a couple of special blank cards for thank you notes. Stops the rings from marking the leather, prettifies my binder with cards I like, and hopefully others will too, and is handy to have for a quick thank you on the go if needed. I keep a small stash in a card box of more general cards, of aprox 6 birthday cards, sympathy cards, congratulations, and blank cards at work in my desk, always handy and also the same at home so I am not caught short for a card to send. Stamps are always to hand too in my purse. I hate being caught short for a card, so instant to do to done!! I pick a few up when I see them when I'm out and about, to top the small home and work stash up.

  4. My binders need to do more than just “organize.” I’ve split into a 2 binder system, with both using the same size inserts. So now pages can move between the two with minimal fuss. The main planner holds the actual planning, and ‘calendaring’, A-Z tabs for notes, record keeping, trackers, and financial stuff. Occasionally, map pages creep in. I’ve unplugged from the smartphone and gone back to a simple phone to communicate. Then for those wickedly stressful days, prayers, poems, quotes, and pictures to unfrazzle me. The second binder is a Saffiano Compact, in bright gold, so there’s no way I could misplace it. This houses my DIYed removable wallet, a couple check register pages, and Capture pages. These are a couple hard-working “Life Management Containment Vessels.”

  5. My favourife section is Grasscatcher list. I use it all the time and i feel a lot more peacful knowing that all the stuff from my head is nicely stored somwhere and is not going anywhere.

  6. I keep lists of dog names I'd like to use for incoming rescues, I keep lists of all my clients alarm codes for houses and garages, coded, lists of different vds planners I'd like to design and gillios I'd like to try some day... I primarily use paypay for all online spending and primarily buy everything online so I have a register to track Incoming PayPal... and the normal, books I want to read, subjects that have caught my fancy during the day and I want to learn more about when I have time.... it really is a "brain dump" and I refer to my planner 2 or 3 dozen times a day for everything!😘

  7. I used Unitag.com to create QR codes, one with my details in case my TN gets lost, and one containing my medical information. And also I keep a list of my internet passwords, but encrypted, a list of my internet orders. Like Bells, I use it as a brain dump.


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