26 October 2017

PlannerCon Europe - Packing

So it is the usual dilemma I'm facing today... which organisers to take with me to PlannerCon!! I would love to take quite a few, but the main issue is carrying them all!

So I have to make up my mind today.

So far the pile is looking like this:

And in-case you don't recognise them they are top left my Van der Spek Custom A5 which is the equivalent of my 'daily-driver' these days, next to it another Van der Spek Custom A5 which partners with the other one to hold the other half of my pages, information pages, reference information etc.

Then in the bottom row we have a new purchase a Filofax Fusion A5 organiser/iPad case and next to that my Gillio/Van der Spek hybrid, with a Gillio A5 Mia Cara outer-jacket and a Van der Spek Custom A5 organiser section!

The Fusion might look out of its league in such expensive company, but I actually quite like the practical design a lot and it lets me mix analogue and digital quite well. It has a 20mm organiser section which can be removed and the iPad holder I adapted to take my iPad Pro and Bluetooth keyboard so I can remain productive and keep things organised in one neat rugged package.

The Fusion ready for action!


  1. I'd love to see your i-pad pro and Bluetooth keyboard in situ here to see how it all fits together in the Fusion layout, simply because I'm looking for a new planner for my dad and the Fusion is on my list of possibilities. He is into his tech bits of kit, and also looking to update his planner and tech carry rounds. These look great for Planner Con show pieces as a range. I'd love to be there with you all, but shall certainly really enjoy reading all the posts and photographs about it. All the very best for your talk/presentation Steve. Oh, and hopefully enjoy some of those world famous chocolates and waffles whilst you are there too. Is Alison going for a short break with you? It's certainly one beautiful city which I long to re-visit.