28 April 2019

Silent Sunday

Saturday morning, fill up with fuel!
Filofax Pocket Chameleon.


  1. Excellent! A great example of our continuing fudge between metric and non-metric! Fuel purchased in litres, distance in kilometres, paid for in Euros for a German VW fitted with an odometer calibrated in kilometres but yet a conversion chart to show MPG (Miles per Imperial Gallon)! The chart on the left looks as if it was made for a Mini, whereas the data is on a Pocket page! Love it!

    1. The conversion chart dates back to when I got the car, it is double sided and when folded in half it just happens to be that length.
      When I bought the car I could get it display mpg, but I wanted to stick with metric, hence the conversion chart just to get used to what the car was displaying!
      The speedo only displays km/h but there is an option to display mph in the central display. But I only do that in UK.

    2. I’m with you! Conversion charts I have in my pocket organiser include litres to Imperial gallons (which of course are not the same as American gallons), equivalent price per litre in gallons and another for mph to km/h. My right-hand drive VW California only shows mph on the speedo but I set it to show Km/h in the digital display and Km/litre. As something of a aged Europhile, I struggle (but try) to use metric whenever I can and my organiser conversion charts do help.