05 April 2019

Free For All Friday No 542 by Laurie

I know some people change out their binders seasonally with a particular color or style to reflect the season or holidays, or a slimmer binder to lighten the load during the summer. But do you change out your binders to prepare for the weather? For example with wetter spring weather coming up, will you switch to a more stain- and water-resistant binder?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring-binder organizer related!


  1. Hello Laurie, I do swap binders from a dark purple in autumn/winter to a lime green in spring/summer, thanks for asking. I’ve just switched it over this week actually.

    My query is thus, I have an A5 arc planner and a personal size diary for work. I love the personal diary layout, the weight and overall appearance and love the arc for notes, to do, Other lists, Project management
    Ideally I’d like to put all these sections into my personal size but can it be done in smaller scale?

    I read the post by David from 2013 about the GTD system and I’ve read other posts about a5 or personal sizes, but I’m really struggling to juggle my workload.
    I have over 500 clients and 100 of these are on my ‘live’ list; clients where action is required. The other 400 are on my radar but I have no pressing action for them. It’s a lot of work and each case can move to my ‘live’ list at any time. Can you help?
    Is there a system that can help? Am I over thinking it, probably!

  2. I live close to the Welsh border and it rains frequently, so I don’t even think about water resistant covers.