19 April 2019

Free For All Friday - No. 544 by Steve

Nine years ago yesterday Laurie and I met for the first time, but not the only time.

It was very much a 'last minute' meet up. Laurie had been stranded in London because of the Icelandic volcano that had erupted and disrupted air travel over much of Europe.

So we made the most of it, meeting up in Waterloo Station in London and then spending a few hours chatting.

A lot of great ideas for the blog came out of the discussions.

A fun time, it sparked the idea of other meet ups later on. Within a month of us meeting I moved to France.

What were you doing 9 years ago? Of course it is Friday so feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Love the behind stories :)

  2. I read Waterloo Station and all I can hear in my head is the female announcer "Now approaching London Waterloo!" We passed through that station so often during our 2009 trip to England, hearing that announcement still annoys my husband! Sometimes I say it just to be funny.