22 April 2019

When is a Duplex not a Duplex?

Duplex organisers where available since the early times of Filofax, they feature two sets of rings in the one organiser. The actual organiser as you can imagine becomes quite a bulky item.

I was looking through the catalogue archive the other day looking for some thing for one of our readers. As I have all of the pages that have been scanned in stored on my Mac it is fairly easy to scroll through all of the years quite quickly.

However, it is quite easy to miss some small detail at the time of scanning in the pages. Hidden in the depths of the 2001-2002 catalogue is the Filofax Westminster. I don’t think this model had a very long life, unless you can tell me otherwise.

Looking at the pictures below it appears to be a normal zip organiser and a slimline organiser that was stored inside. Use one for business and the other for your private life?

It came in two varieties, Personal and Slimline, and A5 and Slimline.

The Filofax Westminsters I've found on line make no mention of the Slimline.

I wonder if this combination would work today? So I tried it out with a Holborn Zip A5 and a Holborn Slimline.

With no clasp to get in the way, the Slimline seems the perfect partner.

I was surprised when it slotted in perfectly, even the left hand pen loop is still usable.

And it zips up without any difficultly as well.

The Westminster Personal Zip must have been bigger than current ones, both taller and wider. I tried fitting the Holborn Slimline in to my Holborn Personal Zip (not tall enough) and my Cuban Personal Zip (tall enough but not wide enough).

Overall though, an interesting discovery/experiment.

Would you think to use two organisers like this?


  1. I never say never, but....

  2. Nice little experiment :-)
    Looks very Retro, which is talking 80ies, 90ies.
    Portability is rather cumbersome when having to carry an A5 organiser around.
    In 2019 not so much appealing, similar to the brick-shaped mobile phones of that time. I still remember how heavy my work laptop was when commuting to and from work still in 2005.

  3. I would love a set up like this. I almost bought something very similar from a place here called Time Systems but the entire set up was around $350. I wasn't sure their binders were good leather. It's great for me because I have to have at least an A5 for daily use but you can't carry an A5 around all the time, like to the doctor when I need to schedule appointments. So, right now I have a bound appoximately personal size calendar that I carry with me (by Lemome). I have been wanting a something a little prettier to carry but it needs to be small and open.

    Would this work with a Lockwood or Nappa A5 and slimline personal? Both of those are currently available and would be a great set up for me. Thank you

  4. I became intrigued by this video. So I have been looking everywhere for something like this.