11 April 2019

Cornell Notes and Notepaper Inserts

The following files were kindly sent in by William one of our readers. For those of you that use a large about of note paper or need the functionality of Cornell notes they will prove useful files to have and use.

If you have never used the Cornell method of note taking, there is a simple guide here.

A5 Cornell Notes
A5 Notepaper
The files are in A4 size so to print them follow the usual process of printing them in Booklet format, or scale them to A5 size to print on to A5 size paper. 

Thank you to William for sending these files.

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  1. Hello. How do I scale this up for the Deskfax/B5, please?

    1. Scale to 84% in printing on to B5 paper. The files are A4 to start with.