14 April 2019

Silent Sunday

My little stash of goodies from a Mini French Meet-up in Poitiers yesterday.
Yes we found a shop that still had a stock of M2 inserts!


  1. This looks lovely. I'm curious, what do you use M2s for. I have never seen them. Thank you.

    1. The M2 is a similar page size to the Mini, but landscape rather than portrait. They make a great wallet/notebook combination. The two M2's I own have card slots and a full width back pocket. One of them also has a zip pocket and a horizontal pen loop.
      I have an M2 diary insert for 2005 in one of them. It would be quite useable I think for simple appointments etc.
      I have some other older M2 inserts in my collection, including some A-Z tabs and contacts pages.
      Seeing these inserts for sale yesterday was too tempting!