26 April 2019

Free For All Friday No 545 by Laurie

Change is in the air! Seems like a lot of people are going through life changes right now.

A couple of my friends have kids who are graduating high school next month. Other people I know are finishing their degrees now and contemplating the job market. Summer is coming up, which brings a change in the daily routines, travel, and family visits.

How are you using your planner to prepare for upcoming changes?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask/ discuss anything ring binder organizer related!


  1. Depending on how the rest of the year goes, I may be changing which inserts I'm using....and that's gonna be a thing because I LOVE my vertical week on 2 pages.

  2. I'm currently using blank pages that I use to create my layout as I see fit and so far that is working for me. This could definitely change later in the year as the holidays start to approach.

  3. Still loving my Week on 1 page layout. May add some trackers...