06 April 2020

Self Training

One topic still seems to dominate our lives in 2020 (for those looking back at this post in a few years time!) I know some people are able to work at home, others can't because their company is in shutdown with staff sent home. Or you are like me not working but still stuck at home... you get the idea.

So after week 3 you have dusted the house from top to bottom... good not just me then! You have reordered all your books on the shelves in alphabetical order for fiction and by topic for non-fiction. Turning on the TV is like watching a disaster movie, so you need something else to take your mind off things...

How about a bit of self training to make better use of your planner, no not buying more planners or supplies, making better use of what you have already.

Like me you might have a few books on the topic that you have never found the time to read fully yet. It is a fairly 'dry' subject to read and you could call it the best cure for insomnia that there is!

Now might be just the time to take a read of those books and make notes on some of the tips you might be able to put in to practice. I am sure there might be one or two things you can learn from any of the books.

See this post from 2016 for some ideas of books to take to read

Another thing you might want to try is looking for videos on line that interest you in your chosen hobby or interest, or ones about planning and time management.

There are also some on-line training courses available, some free of charge as well. I mentioned this one on a recent podcast:

Mastering Personal Management - Franklin Planner

You could also take a listen to some podcasts, especially The Hitchhikers Guide to the Plannerverse with 99 thirty minute episodes to choose from, there has to be something to enjoy amongst them all? (Other planning podcasts are also available... see iTunes for details)

Most of all make the most of this downtime, and take care of yourself and your family too.


  1. I did the Franklin Covey training course. I enjoyed it and did put into practice several things.

  2. Thanks for the ideas Steve. The Franklin Planner course looks interesting.

  3. Your podcasts are very informative! Just the right length. I always pick up some good info. An excellent listen. Thanks for recording them!