10 May 2021

Making your own organiser?

Have you ever considered making your own organiser? 

You might think that you be quite difficult to do, but if you stick to a simple design it is really quite straight forward.

I was watching this video on Friday and I started looking at this idea in more detail. 

Yes you might need some specialist tools, but you might have some of them already. 

There are lots of leather suppliers around that supply leather some already dyed and cut to convenient sizes. In the past I used 'Leather 4 Craft' in UK to obtain a piece of leather to make a Travellers Notebook cover. In the USA I've seen Target Leathers mentioned a few times, but there are plenty of other suppliers. 

Also a look on ETSY for craft suppliers for leather and for leather fasteners as well. 

Ring mechanisms are also available on ETSY and AliExpress

I got these rings from Moterm, they include the screw fastening rivets. They aren't the highest quality, but they are more than acceptable for every day use. 

I also came across this blog post and video about making an organiser. 

I realise that these do not contain interior pockets, but it means you don't have to sew any leather together. You can use pockets that mount on the rings instead. 

Would you ever making your own organiser?


  1. This is very cool. I have made my own 'TN' style organiser covers in leather and in fabri before, but never one that has the rings. I love this!

  2. I've bought some rings from Aliexpress last year to make my own but not made it yet.

  3. Identity Leather Craft is a great place for leather and tools.