07 May 2021

Free for All Friday No. 652 by Nan

Sometimes, when I have to come up with an idea for a Free for All Friday, I draw a blank. 


Sure, there are calendars, formatted diary pages, to-do lists, and all kinds of forms you can buy or print yourself

But lately I've been in love with blank pages! I usually use lined paper, but you can also get it with a dot matrix or just plain. 

You can make lists, create mind maps, write journal entries, draw images or graphs... 

What do you use blank pages in your organizer for? 

Of course, since it's Friday, all discussion of ring-bound organizers is welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Philofaxers! I use blank pages to draw on - I have a tendency to draw during meetings .... so it is handy to have a stash of blank paper in my Filofaxes