21 May 2021

Free For All Friday No. 654 by Anita

Looking at some of my posts on here, I've realised that I've been using my simplified set up since 2018! I'm definitely a creature of habit in some ways and when I find something that works, I tend to stick with it. I know that some of you enjoy changing your set ups, so I find it interesting to read about it, as you can always learn something new from others in the community. 

Due to family commitments, I have less free time nowadays, so I'm pleased to say that my Kensington is doing a grand job of helping me keep track of everything. I remember reading a quote from David Allen that said something like 'Your tools need to be complex enough to manage your work, but simple enough that you could still use them when you're sick in bed'. I've definitely found over time that my current set up does that and the only change that I've made since the original simplified one is to add a projects section.   

How long have you been using your current set up(s) and how are you getting on with it?

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. I hope that you have a lovely weekend. 


  1. I have multiple FIlofaxes that all have different purposes and all have different set ups. I change the set ups as needed. That is hte beauty of rings isn't it! Happy Friday

  2. I used Franklin planner for years, first in classic (because my employer sent everyone to the 1-day training and that's what the gave us), then in compact. I even dabbled in pocket size. Then I discovered Filofax and got several personal size models. Recently I've been using Happy Planner, but I feel ridiculous carrying it around. I don't like the idea of carrying around a small planner because it seems like too much work to write everything down twice. In practicality the Happy Planner has become more of a journal and the pocket spiral the planner, which diesnt really work, either. Bottom line? I'm seriously considering going back to my personal Finsbury.