17 May 2021

Page Lifters

Page lifters, you might have heard of them, but never used them or realised what they are for. 

The need for page lifters is mainly for people with 30 mm rings or larger. The pages at the front and back of your organiser are more likely to get trapped compared to a smaller organiser. 

Some commercial page lifters have a curved profile, they act as a spring, pushing the pages closer to the centre of your rings as you close your organiser. They just need to be stiffer than the paper to work.

The page lifters have to have slotted holes in them so that they too don't get trapped on the rings, the slotted holes let the page lifter conform to the curve of the rings better.


In one of Neil's latest videos, he shows how his home made page lifters work. 

There is quite a large selection of page lifters on Etsy if you don't want to try making your own. 

Do you use Page Lifters?


  1. I just tried Neil’s approach and am very pleased with the results.
    Thanks Neil!

  2. I have always used page lifters to keep outer pages from bending around the rings and not being flat anymore.

  3. I use page lifters. Love them. I wouldn’t be without them. The leather flyleaf from Van der Spek works as a ring protector.

  4. I use a thicker page lifter in the back - PlannerPress on Etsy. I use a thinner page lifter in the front - SortStuffOut on Etsy. Watch the thickness of whatever you get on Etsy. The first ones I purchased were too thin and didn’t work.

  5. why do people use 2 of them? thanks if 2 1 and front 1 back

    1. One at the front one at the back so that all the pages are in the middle of the rings before you close the organiser.