24 May 2021

Current writing instruments?

The right pens and the right paper come together in harmony to make the perfect organiser experience. Although some people prefer to use pencil instead of or as well as pens in their organisers. 

I recently rediscovered my technical drawing pens in a cupboard whilst looking for something else. They are very nice to use, but not for casual use in an organiser!

This year I've gone back to using a Pilot Frixion Slim pen for my daily use, although I keep a Uni-ball Vision Elite 0.5 pen and my Pentel mechanical pencil to hand as well. 

I still use a fountain pen in my daily journal.

What are you using to write in your organiser?


  1. Both whatever fountain pen happens to have ink & my Kerry mechanical pencil. Tend to use pen for 5ge 8mportant things and pencil for quick notes

  2. Frixion Slim fitted with 7mm refills (as suggested on here by Steve years ago!) for A5 or Personal.
    I use a slim metal propelling Cross pencil in Pocket size.

  3. Any ballpoint pen at hand, although my preference is for black ink.

  4. I use either a Staedtler triplus fineliner, or a mechanical pencil with a 7 mm lead.

  5. I'm been using these two pens together for quite some time now in my Kensington - TWSBI Eco fountain pen & Staedtler triplus fineliner.

    I'm using a Parker Jotter in my work A5 Original - sometimes I'm writing lots of notes when Zooming with my boss, so I prefer a pen with ink that doesn't need time to dry.

  6. I like to use my Pelikan 400 with a fine nib and Bay State Blue ink. Not only do I like the color of the ink, I like its fragrance.

  7. I use a Parker Classic pencil, the Laque GT. It fits in the penholder, but I have to be careful not to make a brisk move ... it tends to escape.
    I tried other Parkers, but they are way too broad.

  8. Plans change, ink doesn’t!