14 May 2021

Free For All Friday - No. 653 by Steve

I've been keeping a journal for quite a few years, I use a bound day per page planner, it is easy to file them away at the end of the year. I don't look back at them very often, but it is good for remembering events. 

When I first started using a Filofax back in 1986, I was using it more as a journal than as a planner, I still have the diary inserts stored in my Winchester and it makes amusing reading! 

When it comes to doing Free For All Friday, I often look back through our archives to see what we were posting about 5 or 10 years ago in that week... 10 years ago today was the first New York Meet Up.. Nan will I'm sure have happy memories of the event. 

Do you keep a journal, a record of what you have been doing each day either in your Filofax or in another planner/book? 

Of course it is Friday, so please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. Have a good weekend. 


  1. I use a 52 weekly page from Peanuts Planner, as an OTD ... On this day page for maajor family and national newa. Just 1-2 events. Good to look at on New Year's Eve.

  2. I do collaging and journaling in a handmade A5 journal (gorgeous with handmade paper too). I also carry an insert for collaging/journaling in a standard TN which is my EDC too for on the go tasks. I've been intrigued with ring journaling and it would give me more reasons to pull out my croc personal filofax, which I love. I don't record what happened so much but like to write out my thoughts.