22 July 2021

Shopping Lists

We live on lists of one sort or another, I'm sure plenty of others do as well. 

Today's shopping lists can live in your organiser or in your kitchen just as easily. 

The first one is designed for A5 size (A4 that can be scaled down to A5 or A6 or B6 as you wish) 

The order of the categories might look a little odd, but that is the order of the different sections in our local supermarket here in France. You can of course edit the file to suit your own needs fairly easily. 

The other list is a Filofax Personal size shopping list insert and the category order is a bit more conventional! But again you can change it is you want. 

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I have decided to take a notepad and pen and do an aisle plan of our local Tesco, then print my list insert. Thanks muchly Steve. So useful. xxxxx