22 July 2021

Free For All Friday No 663 by Laurie

Recently I traveled for the first time since last year. It was only to another part of the country I live in, so nothing too strenuous as far as transportation goes, but still away from home for the first time in a long time. 

I have learned the hard way from past experience to always bring my Filofax with me when I travel. Every time I have traveled without it, I've wished I'd brought it with me. 

Since this was a road trip, I had plenty of space to bring my big chunky A5 Filofax. Two years ago when I flew overseas I brought my A5 Heritage slimline binder with only my essential pages I needed for the trip. (The slim and lightweight Heritage has absolutely changed my life in regards to being able to carry my A5 binder with me.)

On other trips in the past, I've needed the built-up wealth of information that is in my Filofax. Times I've been without it, I've felt lost. 

I also find that when I'm on vacation, my mind is able to relax and I can think about things I don't have the time and mental space to think about when I'm reacting to my day to day environment. Inevitably I want my Filofax with me to expand on these ideas and brainstorm.

Do you take your Filofax with you when you travel? Do you have any travel plans this year?

As always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organiser related!


  1. I also find a Filofax a very handy companion for travel.
    I normally take personal size - removing most of my normal contents to use it to hold important documents, as a notebook & also my wallet.

    No travel plans for our household for the time being as we're still needing to be careful due to COVID.

  2. I have to decide which of my A5 organisers to use for my trip back to U.K. coming up soon!!
    I will review the contents at the same time so I have just what I will need and hopefully make it a little lighter and easier to carry.

  3. I'm using a personal sized Filofax for my use and an A4 notebook bullet journal for work. I'm thinking of getting an A5 Filofax or clipbook for work and home use. It's just that I find I'm using the notebook better because it's A5 and the personal sized Filofax isn't good for note taking so I'm not really getting the most out of its flexibility.

    What are your views on the advantages and disadvantages of Filofax A5 Vs clipbook Vs notebook bullet journal? I can't decide whether the larger Filofax or clipbook expense is worth it.