12 July 2021

Lifespan of Different Filofax sizes

I have recently been doing some research on the back catalogue of Filofax organisers and the different periods when different sizes came in to being. 

It wasn't an easy task because there is always some variance of dates of coming to market in different markets. 

Traditionally UK was first to market with up to a year or so delay for other markets. These days most models seem to come to all markets at the same time or at least the same time.

When I plotted out the start and finish of the different sizes it looks like this:

The arrows indicate that this size continues (at the time of writing) 

There is a small window in the early 2000's when the following models were all available:

M2, Mini, Pocket, Personal, A5, Deskfax, A4 

However, I haven't discovered one model that was available in all of those sizes at the same time. If you take out the M2 or A4 or both, then there are quite a few models that have been sold in Mini, Pocket, Personal, A5 or other variations. 

The Cross/Classic was made in M2, Mini, Pocket, Personal, A5 and A4 but not as far as I know in  Deskfax size.




  1. I have a pocket 4 ring in lambskin which I love because it is so tactile so I was very disappointed when Filofax discontinued the multifit sizes. Wish I could find a 4 hole punch. And I love the m2 size. Shame refills were discontinued.

    1. Pocket 4 hole spacing is the same as the four middle holes of Personal, so a Personal Punch works.

  2. I'm wondering how compact and slimline differ?? Wish there were an A6 though. xxxx

    1. Slimline is 11 or 13mm ring size Compact is 15mm
      I show them separately because the designs tend to be different.

  3. Thanks for this handy visualisation Steve.
    I would place Deskfax (9 ring “version 2”) as starting in 1988, with the older 6 ring “double personal width” Deskfax being offered in 1986 & 1987.