16 July 2021

Free For All Friday No. 662 by Anita

Now that we've passed the half way point of 2021, I've been taking some time to think about how the year has gone so far. It's been a full on number of months with family commitments, so my Kensington was in a bit of mess and I wasn't really using my A5 Original for work due to doing less hours. So, in an attempt to simplify, I've been using my Kensington for everything since the end of May. I will write a separate post about my set up, but it's working quite well so far. However, once I've finished off some more family stuff and then had a bit of a rest, I will then increase my hours and return to A5 for work as I do find it a much better size for writing more notes. 

Are you taking part in One Book July as well? 

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. I hope that you have a great weekend. 


  1. I have made a mid-year resolution to take a grip on my health and wellness....self care. I am diabetic and have occasional back pain. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. My meds and med taking are both in disarray and basically I need to get a grip!!! xxxxx

  2. Thank you for the "One Book July" link. I had wondered what that was. It is basically what I thought, a challenge to simplify, cut down on decorating and use one planner for your whole life.

  3. Will a custom VDS A5 with a big back pocket and stiffener lay flat?

    1. I only have one with a back pocket and with Bontex Frame, but it does lay flat. The stiffener is only in the covers not around the spine so there is no restriction on that part.

  4. I have always claimed the A5 to be the perfect size for me and that the personal was just too small and narrow. Lately however, I've found myself going back to that size. It is easy to carry with me and with a little bit of organising I can fit everything I need in it. I can see now why it's a size many use and love. It is very likely I will stay in this size too.

    Another change is me going back to Filofax. In the past, I have been much more enamoured by the likes of VDS with its back pocket, pocket configuration and replaceable rings. Yet, I took the jump to a Filofax malden personal size and I have found it just so charming. It is a snitch more compact and for the lack of better word more "structured" compared to VDS and in theory, I should like the VDS standard more. But the Malden stuffed with loose papers, seemingly at the verge of bursting open, held together by a single narrow strap has my heart beat faster.