19 July 2021

Travel Lists For Your Organiser...

After what seems to have been a life time, we are about to go on a trip for more than a night away from our house. It will involve going in to isolation for up to 10 days, so my travel list is even more important than ever. 

I've put together several over the years. I have my favourite ones printed off in my A5 organiser but they have been a little under used for nearly two years. It was time to 

I started off with a variation of my 'Weekend Travel Packing List'

My own version has some headings already filled in for a typical weekend. I will be review this and make some 'adjustments' 

There is a personal size version available as well. 

  • Weekend Travel Packing List - .docx
The reverse side has a 'Things to do' section I used this to list things to do before I leave home, but you can adapt this to your own needs easily. 

If you have an even bigger trip planned, you can use one of my very first template files, it's best printed on a sheet of A4 and fold it to fit in an A5. It has a lot more headings for a variety of trips. It is based on an old 1980's Filofax insert that was available back then. 

  • Travellers Check List (A4) - .doc .pdf

You can of course edit this one to suit your own needs, I'm sure you could cut it down to just be a single side of A4, or two sides of A5. It is a little OTT! 

Happy and safe travels....

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  1. This is a great idea, I never thought of having a checklist for "normal" travel. I do keep an "evacuation" checklist so I remember what to grab when evacuating for a hurricane.