09 July 2021

Free for All Friday No. 661 by Nan

I'm currently both working full-time and taking classes, and I've found that letter-size paper and organizers are the best way to handle the large amounts of information I deal with every day. 

But letter-size isn't appropriate for everything. And I hate to leave my beautiful A5 organizers unattended. 

I've decided to use A5 for financial matters. I can use it to hold incoming bills and a calendar to schedule and record regular payments. 

Anyone else use a separate organizer for money matters? 

Of course, since it's Friday, all organizer-related discussion is welcome!

1 comment:

  1. I was in town centre for the first time in months. So a visit to WHSmith to check out organisers. Saw a clipbook in black in packaging that allowed you to look inside. First time I've done that as they are usually boxed up when I last looked.

    Didn't realize the spine cover part was very flexible. They look good and possibly my work notebook/ bullet journal once I've run out my boundbooks.

    Going up to A5 from personal Filofax makes A5 look plenty big enough?

    As to financial organisers I'm thinking a zipped pocket might become my receipt, basic diary and password/addresses organiser. I'm not a paper financial organiser type so it would only be to log receipts for card or cash purchases to check against my online bank or credit card accounts. Most bills seem to be online now so easier to check out online with both bank and utility or other service providers account for our bills.

    Fit me A5 is a good mix of portability in bags and page real estate. A4 is desk use only I think.