25 November 2011

Free For All Friday No. 158

So today I will start my journey back to France, we are travelling over night tonight. But as usual my Filofax will never be far from me for jotting down notes and ideas.

Sometimes my notes are a little too short and cryptic and I look at them the following day and think, what does that mean...!!!

As it's Friday feel free to discuss anything Filofax related...


  1. I have a notebook and pencil beside my bed that I use to write down scribbles when I'm reading at night, or falling asleep. If I can write it down, it's out of my head and I can sleep. However, there have been some times I look at what I've written/scribbled (penmanship optional) and been baffled at what I was trying to remember or convey. :-) The page gets ripped out and the notes transferred to the appropriate Filo the next morning.

  2. Love that idea. Will try and use it to alleviate the 3 a.m. stress thoughts (usually work!).

  3. Safe journey home Steve and Alison!Think I have *enabled* daddy Santa to buy a pocket Crimson Malden for my Christmas, as it's half price!!!

  4. I am a proper list maker for everything - home, work, blogging - and my notes only make sense to me.

    I have a BOAT at work (Book Of All Things) and it's a great reference tool, especially as I've kept all my BOATs since I started this job seven years ago.

    My Filofaxes are the same - I tend to use them annually rather than for subject matters (apart from my OU one) so at the end of the year they are held together with a couple of treasury tags and archived.

    I'm actually swapping Filos again today to see if a new one (back to a Cuban again) will work for me.

  5. @Nickie You BOAT sounds great - I use a day book where I try and write things as the day goes on instead of using post its and things and at least I know everything is in there somewhere!

    @Steve - I know just what you mean - I often scribble things down when on the phone and can't figure it out later on when I come to read it! When I write more slowly I'm fine - it's just when I am in a hurry. Should have learnt shorthand I suppose!! Oh that would be a great way to code your filofax wouldn't it? Most people couldn't read it could they?

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  7. Hi, first post after reading this blog for a while. (actually the first site I check in the morning, while still in bed...).

    I was happy to see the 90kr-anniversary sale at the Swedish Filofax-site after missing ”the Great German Robbery” ;-)

    However none of the colours of the elegant binders appealed to me, so I ended up with the Bond modell (black and red, pocket and personal).

    My Filo so far has been an Urban (green) that I snatched up at the Filofax stand at the book fair in Gothenburg (wanted a grey one, but they only had green on sale at the fair). (Wanted to pimp it, inspired by http://senseofgravity.blogspot.com/2011/02/heres-how-i-use-my-urban-filofax.html )

    Quite like the Urban, and it *kind of* lies flat. The new Bonds however are reaaaally stiff!

    Any suggestions on how to break in the Bond to make it lie more flat? Gentle persuasion? Pure violence?

  8. Hi everyone!!! So I sent off my A5 Finsbury with the broken rings on Monday, Filofax sent a letter which arrived today, posted off a replacement yesterday- gosh they act fast!! But I'm going to try to swap the new Finsbury with an A5 ochre Malden and pay the difference, the lady on the phone says it should be alright, fingers crossed!! :D How are you all? xx

  9. Nickie,

    I would love to know more about your BOAT and your setup. I keep one for home but use a Moleskine day planner for it. I'm intrigued. What do you put in it, how is it set up, etc.

    Thanks to everyone for making me feel less weird about naming my filos. Thanks for the name suggestions. Still pondering. May have to get new filos just to use the great names.

  10. Thought I might mention the sale going on at City Organiser right now, up to 40% off filofaxes!
    I spotted a Personal Ochre Malden in their collection this time round! I've been after the Ochre colour for ages, I just couldn't help myself!

    So if you're after anything in particular for yourself or for a present, take a look :)

  11. @Nickie - ah, what a great acronym. I, too, kept BOATs in my last government job. I have them in my storage box in the closet. It came in helpful - my last contract job dove-tailed with my last government job in some ways (same people, same issues). I came across a person's name and I knew I had dealing with him/her but couldn't remember the details. So I dug out my BOAT (!) and found my notes and my memory was refreshed and I carried on.

  12. I am new to "write it down", but have found it has revolutionized my life. I keep everything in my filofax, but was thinking of buying a bound daily diary to jot down work activity, similar to Nickie's BOAT. Up to recently, I put a fresh sheet of notepaper in the middle of the week on two pages diary to write down my work to-do's, things done, reminders, ideas, etc. and at the end of the day remove the page and archive in a file. I now use day per page and so the pages stay in my binder. So a BOAT would per perfect to leave on the desk.

    I also sometimes find notes which I cant decipher, but normally remember fairly quickly what I meant.

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  14. @Alison & @Kelly - the BOAT is a basic A4 spiral bound lined notebook (provided by work - I yearn for a moleskin). It works in chronological order but not really dated at the top of each page. To Do lists, minutes from meetings, notes from phone calls, doodles, instructions for different programmes on the computer, passwords (although they are not my passwords - they are client passwords for our database - a list of available ones that get crossed off when I issue them), etc.

    Actually, it sounds a lot more interesting when I write about it :-D

    I actually have a plan next year to do a sort of 365 project although this will be a 52 project. I use a diary & notes diary in my filofax and I'm going to photograph each week when it's finished and post it up on my blog. I might get you lot to join in too!!

  15. Hi Everyone, this is my first post. It has taken months to pluck up the courage to post something, but I wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your posts and stories about Filofax. Also I don't feel quite so alone in loving them!

    I was just browsing the net and saw that the UK Filofax website has a 50% sale on some of its filos across a range of products and sizes, something to suit every budget, and a chance for a little Christmas shopping too. The sale ends December 1st.

  16. @Nia thank you. An A5 Vintage Rose Maldern and matching accessory case have just accidently fell into my shopping basket. Whoops

  17. @Just-Jenny Thank you for the info I've bought a Personal Crimson Malden :o)

  18. @fluffyferret, your welcome, I bought the same filo too!

  19. I`m a first time poster too but I`ve been lurking for a while now. Just purchased the crimson malden half price!.

  20. Hi all :). I'm thinking of purchasing my first filofax (the malden!) and I was just wondering what exactly they mean by "supplied with a 2012 calendar diary"? What exactly is the 2012 calendar? Is it the week on 2 pages, month on 2 pages, etc sheets? or will I need to purchase those separately?


  21. Hi I'm a newbie but have been hanging around reading posts and enjoying philofaxy for a long time now. I currently have three A5's a kendal, an aqua finsbury and an ochre malden, a red personal adelphi and a mini finchley. The finchley is always with me, I use it as an address book but am looking for some clear plastic credit card holder inserts to put loyalty cards and coupons etc in but can't seem to find them on the filofax website any ideas?

  22. Just Jenny,
    Welcome, and thank you for the 50% off link, the kind of price reductions that even lever open my wallet.

    When a fax states that it will come with a 2012 diary it will be in the same format as normally comes with the fax, though there is no harm in checking or asking for a different format of diary.

    The Filofax site has two A5 card holders:


    Alternatively, buy your own individual sticky backed plastic card pockets and design your own holder. I bought mine at Staples, one packet of top opening and another of side opening.

    I’ve often mentioned special papers for making your own dividers etc, even mentioning use of wallpaper (some are suitable, some are not!) but last week a visitor showed me her dividers which she’d made from the wallpaper used to furnish dolls houses; far better because the patterns are smaller and more in proportion with faxes, also there are no end of flower patterns for women!

  23. Has anyone run across counterfeit Filofax's? I know there are ways to spot fakes of all kinds - How would you spot a fake filo?


  24. Nickie, Kelly and Allison, I love the BOAT and the day book as a capture device! I too have found that I can find some information more easily if I record it in chronological order or in a daily book. Like you said, it's in there somewhere! Categorized information goes in my Filofax behind a specific tab. But I've found day books are best as a catch-all for all the incoming info each day!

  25. Have I just imagined this... or was there a filofax-handbag combo, which was a zipped filofax which had a shoulder strap so it could be carried like a bag?
    If I've not imagined it, does anyone know what kind of filofax it was and whether they still make them?

  26. So whilst I was in UK last week I saw for myself some of the Tesco Filofax offers they have in their Tesco Extra stores. Quite surprising to see how cheap some were.

    I also visited Goulds in Heswall again which is an independent shop, they had the Holburn in stock and a few others. No £1 diary insert bargains this time though!!

  27. @amanda - I don't know about Filo, but I'm pretty sure that DayTimer had that format a number of years ago.


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