18 November 2011

Free for All Friday No. 157

Now is the time of year when I start to use my Filofax for holiday planning. In the U.S., the next big holiday is Thanksgiving, which is next Thursday. I'm using my Filofax to plan cooking and shopping.

I also like to list Christmas presents, given and received each year, so I don't duplicate myself!

I don't decorate my Filofax much, but I imagine some of you dress yours up for whatever holidays you celebrate!

Feel free to talk about the holidays or whatever other Filofax topics are on your mind.


  1. The crimson Malden I ordered in the UK store is already three days overdue :-/ It's supposed to take 7 workdays and now is day 10. Can't stand the wait! Seriously, Germany isn't THAT far away, is it?

    But back to the provided topic. Since the filo is my GTD tool, I've got the Christmas project support list in it where I most likely brainstorm gift ideas and note interesting dessert recipes. That's all, because I don't have other Christmas responsibilities. Everything I have to do (presents to buy, train to book, phone calls to make …)goes into the Next Action or On the Go section.

  2. Good morning all!
    @Nan, so sorry to have missed the last NY meet up - work and my son's college applications got the best of me.
    For Christmas planning, I placed two note sheets in Financial section - since I go in that section several times a day it made the most sense to put the sheets there. One is labeld Christmas gifts that I keep everyone's wish list on and the 2nd is labled gifts to bring to England/stuff to bring home from England -our annual celebration (Dec 8-12) List doesn't change there so I can copy that every year! ;-) 2 bins of Jelly Belly's from Cotsco, Hicking Boots for nephew, etc. Stuff to bring back: All types of Cadbury chocolates - yorkies, fudgies, double deckers, penquins, etc.

  3. I would like to ask a question this week. I have a lovely purple finchley, but even though I have only used it for a short time it has some scratches. And by that I don't mean that the leather is damaged or slit, but that the colour is scratched of somehow, mostly on the clasp. Is there a way to prevent this and to remedy it if it happens? Do all finchleys have it?

  4. I tend to do my present list on an excel sheet that I keep from year to year, but I can print it out to keep in my home filofax to write on.

    I also keep food planning in my home filo.

  5. @girlinmaths - I have a rose Finchley which I use for a home binder which means it is often kicking around in the kitchen and I haven't had this problem at all. Could you use some leather cream? I suppose it may depend on how the colour is applied to the leather, and of course the purple is a lot stronger colour. Hopefully Steve will jump in with some ideas as I believe he has renovated some binders - he may be travelling at the moment.

  6. @girlinmaths
    I have a red finchley and a jade one and neither has this problem... maybe you should contact filofax and see if you can get a replacement?

  7. For those happy(ish) to pay half-price for the purple A5 finchley, amazon.co.uk has them for £60.95 (+ P+P).
    I know it's not 90 kroner... but, it's a little better than £81.25 on filofax site

  8. Hi
    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Any coloured Filofax other than say black will possibly show damage/wear and tear to the colour of the leather coating. Whilst the leather is coloured with a dye of some kind. The surface treatment is different and therefore it can suffer from scratches etc.

    In the case of black, then a gentle application of wax shoe polish can help restore the appearance, which is what I did to my wife's old Filofax. But the coloured ones might not be so easy to colour match.

    However, if you can find the right colour wax or shoe dye then you might be able to disguise the scratches, but you would need to apply the colour with a small bush or similar. Once you are happy with the colour then treat the whole binder with some form of leather care cream to help waterproof the leather.

    For routine care I generally use a leather care cream, it's a neutral colour so it tends not to show on the leather.

    Hope that helps

  9. Can anyone give me some more uses for filofax's? My boyfriend is allowing me one more providing I can give him a good enough reason to buy it!

    I currently have:

    A5 Siena - Health Filofax
    Grey Malden - Uni/everyday diary
    Crimson Malden - No use as of yet but as long as I can find a use, I'm allowed a spare which will be an ochre Malden (I love the malden if you hadn't already guessed!!!)

  10. Also, quick question:

    I purchased my crimson malden this week but there appears to be black marks within the leather. I exchanged it for another malden (bought from paperchase) but this one seems to have the same problem, although not to the same extent. It was difficult to see the marks in paperchase because of the lighting.

    The assistant said it may just be the leather so I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

  11. Right now, I'm having a hard time even wanting to use my filofax - I have a personal Domino, but in January, I'm getting an A5 Classic! So exciting! So I'm spending all my time planning for my A5 than actually using my personal! -_-

  12. I have a question for those that own a malden, especially an ochre malden. I have been looking at people's collections of planners, and many that own the ochre malden have them in their sleeves, while the other planners are just resting against each other unprotected. Do maldens scratch easily? and you have to be extremely careful? or is this just because people love them?

  13. @happy I haven't had any problems with my crimson Malden. It has been in my handbag for a while now without a mark unlike my Domino that was scratched after the first day.

  14. What is the slimmest A5 version? Does Was it the Adelphi or has there been a slimmer one?

  15. @Lostwithoutyou I can't see any dark marks in the leather of my crimson Malden but I'll check tomorrow in daylight.

  16. @Lostwithoutyou- I've also noticed a few dark 'spots' but I have to look really hard to see them! They bugged me for about 5 minutes on the first day I noticed, but I could care less ever since. Then again, I can't wait for my Malden to have the 20-year-old-beat-up-and-loved look :)

  17. @printaddict, I ordered a crimson Malden from the UK store recently. Mine took a little longer than expected- they said they were waiting for stock. I have mine now so hopefully yours will be with you soon.
    I adore mine with a scary obsession I hoped my family would never notice. Unfortunately my daughter said to me last night 'Why have I never seen your filofax without you?'
    oh and @Lostwithout you, my malden doesn't seem to have any black marks.

  18. Sir Malden has arrived just a few hours after my comment. :-) And he is gorgeous! So many pockets <3 And a jot pad slot! It has everything I missed in my Piazza.

    I'm not sure what you identified as black spots ... the leather is darker down inside the structure (don't know how to describe it better), but I suppose that belongs to the vintage look. At least it doesn't bother me.

  19. I think those black spots have something to do with the buffalo leather. I still love my crimson personal, though, regardless!


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